10 ways Hot Yoga can give you your Summer Glow

10 ways that hot yoga can help give you a summer glow
10 ways that hot yoga can help give you a summer glow

A lot has been said about beauty recently and thankfully we are now moving away from the impossible, air brushed ideal and appreciating the real beauty of real people. Yogafurie can help bring out your summer glow with our hot yoga classes.

Healthy people generally look great – they just seem to glow. Your Hot Yoga practice promotes a strong, healthy body in lots of ways – read on to find out:

No. 1 – Core and Abs

Many of us want to develop and maintain strong, toned abs and a responsive, supportive core. This can prevent back pain, improve your balance and posture, and make running, other sports and life in general feel easier.

A typical Yogafurie Hot Yoga class will build your core from the ground up. By connecting your attention to your posture and balance, you core will begin to switch on easily and automatically in many positions. You’ll reinforce that with postures targeted specifically at your deep abs, obliques and tummy muscles too.

A good core helps people feel confident in their clothes and in their swimwear. That’s not vanity, it’s just the positive payback for the effort we make.

No. 2 – Legs and Bums

The Urban Dictionary says: “[A Yoga practitioner’s legs are] The ultimate external sign of a strong and powerful body… perfectly proportioned.“

Yogafurie Hot Yoga classes focus on the kind of detail you need to achieve this. We’ll help you align your body for the best results, and teach you to breathe well. These together make enable you give you to hold poses long enough to make this possible.

No. 3 – Arms and Shoulders

Yoga is one of the best ways to build balanced, highly functional upper-body strength. Some people are surprised to hear that! You don’t have to spend hours in the gym working weights – your own body weight is just the right amount.

Yogafurie Hot Yoga classes always balance strength with flexibility training. You’ll be guided through a range of upper body exercises in each class, and these can vary to ensure you get maximum benefit. The result is strong, lean muscle groups, well proportioned to each other because they are always used together.

Shot of man's shoulder in Hot Yoga class.
Your own body weight is just the right amount for strong arms and shoulders

No. 4 – Weight Loss

Working ferociously to maintain your weight? Discover for yourself something that health sciences are just beginning to notice: Yoga—even the gentler styles— is uncannily good at making everything in life a little easier, including weight loss.

At Yogafurie, we honour the traditional roots of Yoga and present it in the most contemporary way – at 42oC. Yoga has always worked like this, that’s why it’s been practiced for thousands of years, and that practice is spreading and growing across the world more every day. Make Yogafurie Hot Yoga the centerpiece of your weight management routine and get that summer glow!

Girl holding up peace signs, facing ocean sunset. Photo by nine koepfer on Unsplash

No. 5 – Clear Skin

Seasoned Yoga practitioners are known for great skin. Think of instructors you’ve encountered or enthusiasts you know – it’s likely they all look younger than they are because of clear, radiant skin.

Practicing Yogafurie Hot Yoga does wonders for the mind and body. Our classes improve skin health in three ways:

  1. By reducing stress – the catalyst to breakouts and fine lines
  2. By stimulating lymph circulation – which removes toxins from the body
  3. Sweating – Through increased sweating which will clear your skin’s surface

In a nutshell, during your class the deep, restorative, relaxing breaths and meditative states help you keep wrinkles at bay, as will focused flows of movement that challenge your body and increase circulation. Our classes are a great way to get the Yogic summer glow.

No. 6 – Strong Hair

It’s cheeky but we all love to flaunt great hair a little. But stress, hormonal problems and hectic lifestyle can contribute to hair breakage, loss and ageing in general. So when the thickness of your hair starts decreasing, hot yoga classes can help.

Teacher Trainees in class in Reverse Warrior pose.

Our classes include exercises from the ancient books of yoga that calm and balance your system, stimulating your circulation and promoting whole health – ideal and essential for hair loss prevention. Regular students find their lifestyles improving quite effortlessly.

Taken together, all this can help immensely to grow lush, summer glow style, lustrous hair.

No. 7 – Great Nails

Did you know that Yoga includes a specific exercise for stimulating your nails, and promoting strong, healthy hair? It can give you a little tingle to perform balayam but – as with most of Yoga – it’s been practiced successfully for thousands of years.

Yogafurie Hot Yoga has a deep connection to Yoga’s ancient traditions. We honour the depth of Yoga’s history in a unique and contemporary way, connecting you with knowledge that has no other way to surface in today’s world…and in the process enabling you to reconnect with your deepest, most beautiful self.

No. 8 – Grace, Flexibility and Ease of Movement

Can you see yourself as one of those enigmatic human beings who exude a calm, alert presence? Such people live with ease and grace in word and movement. And you can bet they effortlessly shine that brilliant summer glow!

Avid Yogafurie practitioners exemplify this self-awareness beautifully. They’re in tune, with the energy they cook up inside and emanate, and with the energy of those around them. A good Hot Yoga practice will help you listen astutely, watch objectively, and live with a sense of poetic gratitude.

No. 9 – Vitality

Yogafurie’s Hot Yoga classes work like a reset button, enlivening your body, bringing clarity to your mind, and creating an enthusiasm for life. A strong feeling of vitality is key for finding that summer glow.

Our well-rounded Hot Yoga classes will work the prime movers of your body – quadriceps, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, pectorals, deltoids and lats – and create space and integrity around each of your major joints.

It’s a catalyst for wringing out your digestive tract, leaving your organs replenished and refreshed, and it helps your lymphatic system to work well. All this has the wonderful effect of promoting greater flexibility while increasing overall tone in your body

Teacher Trainee looking vibrant, smiling.

No. 10 – Calmness

Authentic Yoga practice offers a sanctuary for the busy mind, helps us face difficult transitions more gracefully and builds self-trust, self-awareness and greater acceptance of who we are.

This new perspective brings profound shifts in how we view the world. When we are less stressed and feel healthier, we tend to be our most likeable self – and great company for our partners, family, friends and colleagues.

Yogafurie Hot classes embody an age-old definition – Yoga as “stilling of the busy fluctuations of the mind.” One of the gifts when we practice like this is a quieting of the mind. We are granted time and space to step away from the constant, external noises that often drown out a deeper connection to our selves.

At the physical level, Yogafurie Hot Yoga classes release tightness and strain in muscles and joints. Focused breathing techniques bring quiet and calm to the brain and central nervous system.

The awareness gained helps cultivate a practice of becoming less reactive to situations and more contemplative, conscientious, and mindful.

Teacher Trainee in Hot yoga class on vibrant yellow mat in Child's pose.
Find your calm

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Hot yoga has so many health benefits, from weight loss to relieving stress to building strength. We have a special offer for everyone new to Yogafurie: 1 month of unlimited hot yoga classes for just £30

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