200 Hour Internationally Accredited Teacher Training

Empower yourself, gain hands-on teaching experience and become a Yoga Alliance qualified Yoga and Hot Yoga instructor in Bristol!

“If you’re apprehensive about Yoga Teacher Training or think that it might not be for you, don’t be. It will be the best gift that you ever give yourself.” 

 Jo – 2023 Yogafurie Academy Teacher Trainee

Costs and what to expect

Why choose us?

Community Success: 100+ graduates teach yoga in Bristol and beyond. We’re the only hot school in Bristol!

Balanced Approach: A blend of practice and study to grow confidence and expertise. Qualify to teach hot and non-hot yoga.

Expert Insights: Learn from a range of specialists on diverse yoga topics. We also have a mentor on-site!

Exclusive Membership: Half-price hot membership with Yogafurie.

Global Recognition: Accredited by Yoga Alliance International, not just the UK – allowing you to teach worldwide.

Hands-on Learning: Begin teaching from day one to build practical skills. We also offer learning support.


The next course runs Jan 2024 – Nov 2024.

Sign up now and get a FREE course text book – ‘The Body Keeps the Score’.

Your course costs £2899 if you pay by instalments, and £2699 you pay in full (£200 discount). Spaces are strictly limited and a deposit of £499 secures your space.

Your course is registered with Yoga Alliance International. You can be sure of the best standards of teaching, and you can take your qualification anywhere in the world.

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January 20 & 21  (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

February 24 & 25  (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

March 22, 23 & 24  (3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

April 19, 20 & 21  (3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

May 24, 25 & 26  (3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

June 28, 29 & 30  (3 days: Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

July 19, 20 & 21 (3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

August 16, 17 & 18  (3 days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

September 14 % 15 (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

October 12 & 13  (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

November 30 & 1 Dec  (2 days: Saturday and Sunday)

Total commitment – 28 days. Each day runs 8AM-5PM at the Yogafurie studio in Bristol unless otherwise advised (occasionally we might start earlier; you’ll be notified well in advance if we do).

Yoga has a vast body of literature and practices from prehistory through to the modern age.

We will teach you key skills in asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation.

You’ll learn the physiology and the philosophy behind the practice, and you’ll learn to communicate your knowledge in safe, succinct and engaging ways.

There is a lot to do. We passionately believe that people need all this time, spread over the period of a year, to fully embody the practices learned and develop all the skills required.

Spending less time learning – or trying to squeeze it all into a month or two weeks – is not really giving Yoga a chance to work on and through you.

Yoga is about people.

Even if you don’t want to teach others, you’ll be using your skills to teach yourself. Again, we passionately believe that you need to be with people to learn about people – especially when it comes to assessing Yoga postures, or guiding people through physically or emotionally challenging practices.

It’s a real missed opportunity to try to do that kind of thing over a video link. The best outcome always arises from being with your students and fellow trainees, in person.

Half of your course time is spent in practice of one kind or another – and lots of this will be movement practice. The rest of your practice time comprises meditation and breathing practices.

There’s also study to be done. You’ll learn about:

  • Human anatomy and physiology, as it relates to practicing and teaching asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. We have a special focus on practical safety.
  • Subtle anatomy – Yoga’s model of the energy body of channels, chakras and prana.
  • Yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics: the fundamental principles of Yoga – and what these concepts mean to today’s teacher and practitioner.

Sessions are led by qualified, professional Yogafurie course leaders. In addition, subject-matter specialists visit regularly to bring all their experience and knowledge to the course for you.

Finally, some time each weekend is usually devoted to the practicalities of teaching and holding classes – how to teach basically, from sequencing to language skills and managing your own boundaries…and everything in between!

So many people ask this question!

We have to answer with another question: if you overcome your own limitations, how many people like you will you be able to help?

No one can see the future: start from where you are, start now. You might imagine a future you that can do more and knows more – that’s what your teacher training will deliver.

If you wait for that person to appear before training, well, you might be waiting a long time…

Numbers are strictly limited – you secure a spot by placing a £499 deposit.

The total price if you pay by instalments is £2899. After paying your deposit, you can pay the balance by monthly instalments of £218, due 1st of each month Sep 23 – Jul 24 inclusive.

The total price if you pay in full is £2699 (you get a £200 discount). After paying your deposit, you have a further £2200 to pay before 1 Sep 23..

You’ll be issued a free copy of the Yogafurie Academy 200 hour manual. This contains everything you need for the course, and more – it will continue to be useful to you, long after you have graduated.

There are some Essentials that everyone needs to read. There are also some others that you might want to read to further develop your interest, but they are not essential.

Yogafurie offers you a book bundle of all the Essentials for just £. Make your life easy and get them all in one pace from Yogafurie!


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Swami Satchidananda

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Swami Muktibodhananda

The Bhagavad Gita
Eknath Easwaran

Science of Yoga
Ann Swanson

The Body Keeps the Score
Bessel van der Kolk

If you’re keen…

Yoga Sequencing (Designing transformative Yoga classes)
Mark Stephens

Full Catastrophe Living
Jon Kabat-Zinn

Anatomy Trains (any edition, these are the ISBN for 3e)
Thomas Meyers

The Endless Web
Schultz, Feitis and Salles

Yogafurie awards qualifications accredited by Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance are a world authority on Yoga, which means you can take your qualification from Yogafurie anywhere and be recognised as a competent Yoga and Hot Yoga teacher. It also means you can be sure that Yogafurie’s course meets the most rigorous standards of content and delivery excellence.

There is continuous assessment during the course through group work, practical study and teaching practice. There is an exam and a teaching assessment at the end of the course. The marking system is designed such that you cannot fail on any one element – so if you’re just not good at taking exams, it won’t stop you as long as you have delivered good results otherwise.

Support is available for people with dyslexia – ask for details.

There is an average of around three hours study or reading to do per week.

That is an average: depending on how you manage your time, you might have nothing to do some weeks and more to do at other times.

On average, at least 2-3 practice sessions per week outside of your course weekends.

You might attend classes, or you might practice on your own. Meditation, mindfulness and pranayama classes count towards this also.

You’ll be asked to submit a practice diary each month, with a brief record of all your practice.

You can still take part! You won’t be able to practice any Hot Yoga, but the rest of the content is very accessible. We’ve helped lots of new Mums over the years.

We can help if you are dyslexic or if you have ADHD. Ask for details.

Your course is led by Ed Wood (E-RYT500, YACEP, Yoga Elder). Ed is certified to the highest level with Yoga Alliance International, and is a registered Yoga Elder with the Independent Yoga Network.

Ed is supported and assisted by several of Yogafurie’s most senior teachers. We are joined by experts in related disciplines whenever that would benefit your course experience.

You won’t be alone. There are always some people who take part just to learn more about the depth and breadth of the Yoga tradition.

The Yogafurie course has a very strong reputation in Bristol and beyond, and people often travel a long way to take part – even if they don’t plan to teach ultimately.

Your deposit and course fees are not refundable if you don’t complete the course for any reason.

You can defer to the next presentation of the 230 hour course from Yogafurie Bristol 1) if Yogafurie agrees to the deferment (this is exclusively at Yogafurie’s discretion) 2) you pay a deferment fee of £500 within one week of the deferment being agreed. Any outstanding course fees would then be payable when you rejoin the subsequence course. If the course prices have changed when the subsequent course runs, your outstanding balance will be based on the new prices. If you want to defer and either 1) Yogafurie hasn’t agreed for any reason and/ or 2) the course you want to defer to isn’t the next scheduled 230 hour from Yogafurie Bristol then you are cancelling your course place – see below.

Your course fees include a free copy of the Yogafurie Academy 200 hour manual.

Your course fees do not include any other books or stationery that you need for study, any Yoga equipment, clothing or class costs, or any travel costs you incur if you go to or teach classes whilst on the course.

Yogafurie strongly recommends that you obtain trainee teacher insurance (public liability, professional indemnity) during the course. Your course fees do not include the cost of this insurance.

You can cancel your place on the course. Email teachertraining@yogafurie.com – we will obviously offer to talk things through with you to see if we can help in any way.

Any acts of aggression or discrimination, or repeated disruptive acts, or any behaviour that can bring Yoga or Yogafurie into disrepute, will result in your place being cancelled by Yogafurie.

In the event that your place is cancelled for any reason, your deposit and course fees and any deferment fees paid are not refundable. If you want join a Yogafurie course at a later date, then none of the deposit, fees or deferment costs will count as credit towards that course.

You must attend all the course days. If you have pre-planned absence, known and declared before the course starts, then we will offer you 1:1 catch-up sessions. If you are suddenly unable to attend, eg due to illness, then we will offer to open a zoom session for you to attend virtually. The zoom will not be recorded; you will need to ask your colleagues for notes from the session if you miss it. If you repeatedly miss course time then you might not pass the course. Not attending is not the same as cancelling: unless you cancel, your course fees will still be collected, even if you don’t attend.

Your course is accredited by Yoga Alliance International.

While your course runs, you qualify for a half-price Yogafurie studio membership. Please ask for details. The half price offer is not available on all memberships.

Why Yogafurie?

  • Over 100 of today’s teachers in Bristol trained with Yogafurie, and at least as many again have studied with us to explore the depth and breadth of Yoga.
  • Evidence-based courses: everything you learn comes from Yoga’s ancient texts, or from medical science.
  • All your course time is in-person, with a professional Yogafurie instructor.
  • Restricted numbers on all courses. You’ll always be heard and you won’t get lost in the crowd.
  • Free access to a professional mentor.
  • Learning support for dyslexia – it’s not a barrier to your progress as a practitioner or teacher.
  • We are Bristol’s friendliest and most grounded studio. You’ll feel at home with Yogafurie.
  • Supportive practice community: the friends you make at Yogafurie remain your friends into the future.
  • Accredited to Yoga Alliance International – your qualification is accepted worldwide.

What our students say

Where to find us

Parking is free on the streets around the studio – please park mindfully. There is also a large car park at the very end of College Road which is currently free evenings, weekends and early mornings (check signs). From there it’s a short walk past the Co-op to the studio.

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