200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training Whilst Pregnant

Written by Helen Baddon, a 2022 Yoga Teacher Trainee

Yoga course for you? In my humble opinion everyone should do a 200 hour yoga course, especially one that offers so much depth to it like the one Yogafurie offers in Bristol. I had no idea what to expect from the yoga teacher training course, though I knew I wanted to become amazing at yoga poses, headstands, handstands, really nail all those moves I’ve learnt on and off doing yoga over the years. 

Well, that wasn’t my journey with yoga, finding out I was pregnant just as the 200 hour yoga course started, wondering if I was able to continue with the course or not and definitely not allowed to participate in the hot yoga which I loved sooooooo much and was so excited to be doing again. 

A group of yoga teacher trainees in Bristol, practicing yoga in a class together

This turned out to be the best decision I made doing the yoga course with Yogafurie, the team, the speakers, the people doing the course, the techniques, the books, the support, it was like a mini retreat in Bristol once a month of complete wholesomeness for myself. The learning, the laughs, breathing and a strong coffee was just the ticket, the perfect combination.

The yoga course offered time for me and my growing baby to connect in meditation and breathing.  An incredible teaching deepening my knowledge and understanding of yoga, the world, myself. It opens up new perspectives, getting the brain whirling with thought provoking concepts. Learning transferable skills to everyday situations through calmer approaches driving the car and not getting road rage giggles oclock or learning the mechanics of your body so you can carry yourself better in the world, the way you sit at desk, in the car, improving the way your body moves.

At a yoga studio in bristol, this group of yoga teacher trainees are learning about yoga anatomy and yoga poses on a 200 hour yoga teacher training course

Yoga is so much more than physical practice and this settled with me more and more. I didn’t even miss the idea of the physical practice, which is what I was so keen on before it began, as the knowledge I was learning, all the WOW moments I had filled my cup full.

Divine timing, I learnt so much about breathing mind body connection when it came to labour, I was more than prepared to give birth, I truly understood BREATHE and what an amazing tool breathing is. Having given birth before, I have the contrast of both births and know how much doing the yoga course, learning the mediation and breathing techniques in particular, helped me have a much smoother birth second time round. 

All in all, yoga is fabulous and I highly recommend the Bristol Yoga Teacher Training course that Yogafurie offers. I’ve learnt skills and made friends that’ll be with me for a lifetime. 

A group of students in bristol, on a yoga teacher training course, playing a game

No matter your circumstances, our warm, welcoming, accessible and thorough course will be a fantastic support for the rest of your life! Book a meeting with Ed, our Course Leader today.

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