8 Reasons to Love a Yoga Retreat (or Holiday)

Who doesn’t enjoy taking a break? Whether we take city breaks, week long beach holidays, staycations, extended travel, or anything that gets us out of the routine of life, they are an essential part of staying happy and healthy throughout our lives.

A yoga mat and some yoga equipment in a beautiful practice space set in countryside

Often we go on holiday so that we can take a break from work, home life, responsibilities. We dedicate time to see somewhere new, learn something new, remind ourselves what life is about. And yes you know it – life isn’t about the grind!

You might be someone who wishes to take care of their physical wellbeing, and part of this routine is a yoga practice.

Alternatively you might be someone who is looking for a way to improve your health; whether mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Two women smiling and practicing yoga. One is teaching the other how to practice low plank.

This article explains the 8 main reasons why you would absolutely love a yoga holiday!


Yoga retreats and holidays are usually held in beautiful locations. Often you’ll find that the yoga holiday you have booked in to will have been placed in a stunning area of any country and the location itself is designed around holding yoga retreats.

You can see a country in a new light. Instead of visiting it’s cities and rushing through the tourist ‘must-do’s’ you can see the natural beauty of a different location, experience the local culture and walk their less trodden roads.

Flowers in bloom in late spring


Have you ever been on holiday and come home feeling more tired and unhealthy than when you left? And if we’re being honest with ourselves – has that happened to us more than once? This happens! Of course it does. We go away, sample the food, the wine, the nightlife, we burn the candle at both ends trying to experience as much of a country as we can. And then we come home feeling like we need another holiday!

Well with a Yoga retreat, the entire time is geared towards your overall wellbeing! From the yoga and meditation, to the food, having time to rest and a nice bed for a weeks worth of deep, healthy sleep. You’re sure to come home feeling like yourself!

Statues of Ganesh and Lakshmi in the sunshine, surrounded by countryside, candles and flowers.


This is a given for any holiday! What you’ll find the difference is for a yoga holiday is that the food is cooked with your health in mind. Each morning, day and night you find yourself served with an array of delicious, nutritious tasty food.

The cost of food is often included in the price of your yoga holiday – so you don’t need to skimp on what you eat because of any budget constraints. You are guaranteed full, tasty, nutritious meals every day.

And the beauty of this is that you haven’t made any effort for it! You didn’t need to find a recipe, buy food, prep the meal and do the dishes. This is all done for you. So all you need to do is work up a hunger in your yoga sessions and look forward to enjoying tasty dishes! It’s being spoiled and healthy all at the same time.

A picture of a hearty and filling dish on a yoga retreat including grains, protein and healthy fats


If you go to yoga and hot yoga classes often, you’ll usually feel like you want to know if you’re doing it right. And it’s a challenge for the teacher to give you a lot of attention because there is a room full of people all feeling the same. Investing in a yoga holiday ensures that you get a lot of extra special attention from your yoga teacher. There is more time for them to see how you’re practicing postures and offer suggestions or adjustments to help you improve your technique and deepen your yoga knowledge.

Two women on a yoga retreat. One is teaching the other how to practice headstand for the first time.


Does day to day life increase your stress and/or anxiety levels? And you’ve probably already heard how great mediation can be for this but maybe you’re not sure where to start? Or the app you were using has lost its appeal?

Well on a Yogafurie Holiday you have the option to meditate every morning. That’s 7 mornings straight! One after the next after the next, without fail. You have the opportunity to discover exactly how good you feel after a mediation practice. And! You’ve learned new skills or techniques to meditate that you can take home and explore with you. You have the time to plan how you can dedicate just a small portion of each day to your meditation and your mental health when you return home.

A picture of people on a yoga retreat sitting around a small ornament of a hand that's holding a Audra as well as two candles.


Do you remember the last time you felt truly relaxed? Can you remember the last time you woke up well rested, spent the day feeling relaxed, and went to bed and shut your eyes and go to sleep….still relaxed! Imagine feeling this way 2, 3 or 7 days in a row! You’ll find it’s a freeing experience to remember that it is possible to smile all day every day.

Women on a yoga holiday sitting in the sunshine in British countryside, laughing and making friends with each other.


You’ll often find yoga retreats and yoga holidays are set away from a city. They might be in the countryside, by a beach, near a national park, anywhere that is teaming with nature, plants, animals and all of the sights and sounds they come with.

Usually, you can practice yoga and meditation outdoors, or in a place with a beautiful view. And your free time can be spent exploring new terrain. You can simply go for a walk, take a swim in the sea, ramble, go mountain biking, climb a tree, laze in a hammock outdoors…anything!

You can reconnect with nature in an enjoyable way.

A woman walking along a beach in Cyprus on a yoga holiday at sunset.


Not all Yoga Retreats and Holidays are super serious! You will find a Yogafurie Holiday or Retreat is full of yoga, meditation, delicious food, and smiles & laughter. You can take your yoga and meditation practice seriously whilst enjoying great humour amongst like-minded people. Even if you’ve bever been on a yoga retreat or holiday before (you most likely won’t be the only one who’s taking their first yoga holiday) you’ll be made to feel welcome, relaxed and happy to be yourself and make new friends.

So come and see for yourself what a difference you can make to your year with a yoga retreat or holiday!

A group of people sat outside on a yoga retreat all sitting and smiling at the camera. They are in the countryside.

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