A few words on Patience

Wait, breathe and trust that all is coming; why Yogafurie’s approach is to allow the mind and body to find space and time.

Patience is a virtue and that means patience is not easy.

Person practicing meditation looking out to sea

Often we ask you to practice patience right at the start of a yoga class; whether that’s sitting mindfully, doing a breathing exercise or lying down in savasana. How often have you been thinking to yourself in that moment, ‘Gosh, can’t we just get started?’

Of course patient practice has already begun, not just for you, but for everyone else on the mat as well.

We recently read about these three ‘elements’ of Patience:

Wait – Breathe – Trust

woman in low yoga position

Consider an upcoming event where patience could be a useful tool – a large family gathering, a big work event, your next Fierce Furie yoga class. Rather than pushing forward to get it done, how about sitting with your breath, waiting and trusting in the moment?

Engaging your breath provides an opportunity to help lower your heart rate, so that the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system – which elicits the relaxation response – can physically kick in.

Waiting will afford you the context to step back and assess the situation you are in, before any rash decisions can be made.

Trusting in the moment frees you of the responsibility to control what is uncontrollable.

Yogafurie teacher Sinead practicing patience while meditating at Bristol Harbourside

Perhaps patience doesn’t find a comfortable place in the fast-moving to-do list driven thrust of the every day; indeed excitement, motivation and drive are all equal opposites and equally valuable.

But on the yoga mat, take the opportunity to practice patience when:

– You start the class
– You hold a challenging posture
– You ask your body to try something new – wait, breathe and trust the messages it is sending you
– You go to take rest – be still, breathe and trust that quiet stillness will come

Yogafurie students in a gentle twisting pose with eyes closed

Join us for Hot Yin Tonic on Thursdays at 6:15pm, where we hold postures and test our patience for just a little while longer.

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