A Journey of Healing

Adhesive Capsulitis ( Frozen Shoulder)

Written by Bindoo

I am a 61 years old, generally fit and I have practised yoga regularly since my 40’s and taught yoga for the past 6 years. I started to get neck and left shoulder pain over the past few years which got progressively worse through the lockdown. The shoulder pain, lack of left arm mobility, the loss of strength made me miserable. I have always been a person who doesn’t accept that healing is not possible with the right help.

picture of arms in a yoga pose in a yoga class in bristol

I tried acupuncture, massage therapists, cupping, reading a lot of information, You Tube videos and other ways to help me heal. As a last resort I spoke to my GP and was able to get an X ray, followed by a physiotherapy consultation at the surgery and the same at the hospital.

I was offered a steroid injection into my shoulder, which dulled the pain but did not deal with the problem. I was sent exercises by email but without any guidance and discharged. The pain was so debilitating, that I found the exercises hard to do despite looking them up on You Tube. Being told that I would now just have to live with my limitations and the pain and start to take pain relief, was not acceptable to me.

picture of a woman shoulder whilst she is practicing Yoga in a yoga class in bristol

The pain and lack of movement made every day arm movements like putting on my car seat belt, changing gears, putting an object high on a shelf all very painful. Moving my left arm too soon was agony and over time made me feel depressed, old and if I was not a strong minded person, I could have easily started to take pain killers and become progressively depressed with limited mobility of my shoulders and arm.

Finally, I found a Physiotherapist who was recommended to me and at the same time started to go to Yogafurie hot yoga in Bristol to get some heat in my movements. I had nothing to lose and hopefully a lot to gain.

Picture of people practicing a yoga pose where their arms are raised out to shoulder height in a yoga class in bristol

This is where my healing journey began. Firstly, I needed someone to work with me at the point where I was. Looking at exercises on a paper and or a video without anyone observing my limitations, noticing my guarding habits, guiding me through, and mentally helping me with accepting and understanding the pain was exactly what I needed.

Kevin (my Physio) spent the first appointment listening to me and understood that I wanted someone to not just give me a massage and send me away with exercises, but to work with me and help me to understand how I could work through my limitations, and pain. We worked a lot around the pain barriers and techniques to work through the mental barrier that I had developed.

A picture of a mans back in a hot yoga class in a Bristol yoga studio. His hands are in a prayer position behind his back.

Again I had exercises but the difference was, we worked together in the gym to support me. I was able to take photos of me doing the exercises. We worked intelligently listening to the pain to guide me and modify the exercise to allow movement and work through the restrictions.

We started with a few exercises that I was to do every simple daily exercises, great I could do them! My confidence grew and now I was committed to these simple daily exercises. Having someone who was willing to not only guide me in my appointment but be willing for me to contact him to clarify and ask questions was so reassuring.

A detail picture of a yoga class in a studio in Bristol. In this picture, you can see people's feet as they stand on yoga mats next to each other.

I got him to take photos of me doing the exercises to replicate at home. Over just three appointments over a period of 2 months, my mobility has improved, pain and inflammation has diminished. I sleep through the night again and wake refreshed.

Finally, I have been committed to my daily routine of spending just 20 minutes 6 days a week to increase my shoulder mobility and strength. The left bicep which had lost muscle tone is now firing again and my strength is improving. It has taken a lot of commitment to stay dedicated to my regular routine but the benefits are reduction of pain, gradual increase in mobility and strength.

Picture taken behind a woman who is practicing a side bend yoga pose, known as side angle pose, or parsva konasana

Sometimes it’s hard to be motivated to do the exercises but going regularly to the hot yoga classes in Bristol and being guided in the yoga poses, with clear instructions has been invaluable. The teachers at Yogafurie were aware of my limitations and gave alternative poses. The humidity, heat and variety of poses offered at Yogafurie hot yoga in Bristol gave me a fresh start to explore the practice and again feel freer in my shoulders.

Practising yoga in the heat has helped me find my strength and flexibility again.

Picture of a yoga class in yogafurie studio in Bristol. The people in this class are squatting deeply with their arms outstretched.

My stamina is improving and having the dedicated time to just be with myself has helped me regain my confidence. Knowing a lovely shower awaits after my practice is so great before I have my 1 hour journey home.

Recovering from any injury takes commitment and time. I will need to remain committed to my stretches, maybe not everyday but regularly and continue to build strength. I am now in control of my life again.

If you’re going through a journey of healing, join us for Hot Yoga classes in Bristol by booking your space and enjoying the benefits that a Hot Yoga practice can bring.

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