Angels are only Human, after all

I have a wonderful, loveable and obedient dog, and I often muse that my relationship with her is like my relationship with my angel (if there are angels, and if I have one).

Why? Because I live in a much bigger world – there’s an order of magnitude between how I perceive things and how she does. EG at breakfast; as I take her manufactured (but nutritious) food out of the cupboard I might be thinking of the oil required to make it, the complex fresh water and sewage system that delivers water to her water bowl and how we are going to pay for all this. She has no idea of any of these concepts.

Then I muse that any angel trying to help me might have similar struggles to do so, relevant to an angels’ environment – but I will never understand and I’ll kind of take it for granted, just like my dog does.

Dog (Collie) runnign in grass with ball in mouth.

I sometimes cook fish. I give the skin to my dog afterwards. It’s really nutritious and her coat is shiny because of the oils she gets; nevertheless, she gets the food I don’t want. How do we know that the angels are not the same – keeping the nectar of the spiritual life, and only passing on the bits they don’t really want? If everyone does have an angel then maybe this is why some people have such a rough deal – their angels are just not really that good at taking care of them.

If there is a spirit life form – something that is alive, but has no physical body – then why should it be “perfect”? Surely it would be like any other form of life – only able to operate within specific parameters applicable to its way of life, and prone to making mistakes on occasion?

Sinead crouched down by street grafitti.

I think that if you asked my dog then she would say I am the perfect owner. She would tell you that the walks are great; the tin of fish she gets every day for tea is really tasty and the veg given with it really sets it off; and most of all that those fish skins are just the best. No wonder our religious texts have painted an image of miraculous, perfect angels! Viewed from our realm they certainly are…but compared to each other, side-by-side it’s possible that they show exactly the same spectrum of individual ability as any other life form.

Let’s give our angels a break. Maybe they’re only “human” after all…

I prefer to think that there are no separate angels. If I have an angel then it’s just an extension of me (or I am a physical reflection of it). We are a totality in an evolutionary pattern that ultimately integrates back into an original, primitive whole. At the physical level, all energies eventually even out (second law of thermodynamics – look it up on Google). Yoga tells us that everything dissolves into, and is inseparable from, the primordial potential (some might use the name Brahman, others might say God).

field of long grass

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