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Yogafurie Book Club March 2021
Article offered by Emma Strong

At the third Yogafurie Book Club, on Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 7.30pm, we will be discussing, Embodying the Yoga Sutras by Ranju Roy and David Charlton. As described on the back cover, ‘the sutra are carefully deconstructed, put into context and developed into ideas for practice’. Focusing on what they regard to be the seventeen most important sutra, [they] ‘show how each one can transform one’s own understanding of what ‘yoga’ truly is on and off the mat’. Which should provide plenty of food for thought, practice and book nerd natter. The Yogafurie Book Club is all about sharing the love of yoga, on and off the mat.

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Books are selected by members of the book club. If you have a book or two that has meant something to you as a yogi and you think others could learn from it, please come along and share it with us. All potential books, ancient and contemporary theories, texts and ideas, anything that might support a developing yoga practice/ yogic living, are good to share. What inspires your practice? Let us know!

Keen to know what’s inspired others? Come along! Everyone is welcome to share and learn, informally, yogi to yogi. So far it has been illuminating for yogis no matter where they are in their yoga journey. New to yoga yogis, recent teacher trainees, seasoned teachers and yogis, have all come along and found a little something to learn and reflect upon.

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Discussing, The Art and Science of Forest Bathing by DR Qing Lee, inspired many of us to give our closest trees an extra big hug and guided us to slow, slow, down on our walks and runs to fully reap the benefits of being around them. We found it useful to discover how forest bathing can be brought into our homes by introducing houseplants and using essential oils. A real bonus during lockdown.

Plans were made to teach yoga outdoors, so, watch this space about forest bathing opportunities with Yogafurie and the Forest of Avon! The conversation even became activist, with us all inspired to protect and plant more trees, from planting in our own gardens, to guerrilla gardening across the city. So many seeds of inspiration shared.

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Last month we enjoyed, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami. We discussed the many parallels between running and yoga – indeed, ‘insert any activity’ – to become absorbed and focused on that one thing and the numerous benefits of doing so, for the mind, for the body, for everyday living. It was fascinating and inspiring to hear one another’s’ running stories. What it was that got folks running – beware the drunk bet to run a marathon! – and what it was that kept them running half marathons, full marathons, even compelled them to run the Marathon des Sables: 251km over six days through the Sahara. Extraordinary. Our hats were very much off to Kathy and Daphne.

The reason for doing so in common with Murakami’s: I do it because I do it and I feel better for doing it. If we find our thing, we do it because it feels right for us and because we can. In keeping at it, we get better at it – whatever it is – but also, often, find greater ease, greater enjoyment in doing the rest of our everyday stuff. We agreed, mostly, Murakami’s story was incredible. But so were our own. It was not running or Murakami that did it for all of us. Imagine how boring it would have been if it was! It was not extreme sports, high flying ideas or outcomes. The true inspiration was the simple, day to day focus and effort, the everyday showing up, to run, to yoga, to write, to dance, to bake, to garden, to decorate, to do something, anything.

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So, come along, 7.30pm on Wednesday 31 st March for the third Yogafurie Book Club. Join in the book chat. Agree, disagree, and share. Can’t wait to see you there and find out where the natter takes us next time.

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