Yogafurie's Hot Bikram Style Yoga
Inspired by the Original Bikram

Experience the physical and mental benefits of 26&2 Yoga exercises similar to Bikram Yoga.

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A Yogafurie method similar to Hot Bikram Yoga

A Bikram-style Yoga combined with 36+2 sequence!Our re-imagined version of 26&2 Yoga

Influenced by the original Bikram Yoga, to be practiced in a specially heated room as the heat is said to stimulate organs, aid digestion, enhance your strength and improve your flexibility, posture, and mental clarity.

Yogafurie’s Bikram Yoga method is similar to the original Bikram Yoga, rejuvenating from head to toe. Combined with our improved version of 26&2, our Primal Furie 36+2, this Bikram yoga method is designed to bring oxygen to 100 percent of the body.

Suitable for all ages and all levels of ability, this Yoga method is a fantastic workout for your whole body and mind. From improving your cardio fitness to helping you reach a state of deep relaxation, the benefits are both physical and emotional.

Physical and Mental Benefits of a Bikram-style Yoga Method

Yoga is designed to improve your heart & blood circulation and our version of Bikram Yoga poses are an excellent cardio workout partnered with a hot environment which makes your heart resistant to diseases.

Since you are practicing a yoga method identical to Hot Bikram Yoga in a high-temperature environment, the sweating process becomes faster and it offers a deep cleansing effect on your body.

In addition to the Hot Yoga benefits associated with cardio, research also suggests that excessive sweating from this Yoga method will help cleanse internal organs and improve the skin. This helps you maintain a balanced metabolic rate and such a method of approach makes your weight loss journey highly result-oriented.

Yogafurie’s Hot Bikram-style method combined with 36+2 Yoga sequence can have the same effect on the cardiovascular system equivalent to outdoor running under the heat of the sun. 

Hot Birkram Yoga Sequence

Both the heart rate and blood flow increase, allowing you to burn calories quickly.

With similar benefits that works the same as Hot Bikram combined with 36+2 yoga sequence is an extensive stretching of your body parts and muscles to increase your flexibility. This form loosens your muscles in the best possible manner to become more toned and stronger as well.

Primal Furie 36+2  — 26&2 Hot Bikram Method Re-imagined

Enjoy the extended benefits of our own improved version of 26&2 Yoga. 36 postures and 2 breathing exercises.

Check out our enhanced version of Hot Bikram-style Yoga and book your classes. Experience the same heat and intensity with extended the benefits similar to Hot Bikram Yoga with Primal Furie 36+2 .

All our classes

Hot Bikram Yoga - Yoga Classic Class Icon

Classic Furie

Beginners completely welcome. Come for a vibrant, powerful, yet friendly, challenge!

Find freedom in your mind, movement and breath. This class is the perfect way to reboot whenever you need to.

Lots of positive movement and breath cues help you learn, develop and perfect your hot yoga practice.

Hot Bikram Yoga - Primal Furie Icon

Primal Furie 36+2
Bikram Stye Yoga

36 postures and 2 breathing exercises with the same heat and intensity of 26&2 Yoga with an improved sequence to target the whole body.

Primal Furie takes inspiration from the first Hot Bikram with 26&2 Yoga sequence, with its foundation in Ghosh principles, and brings Yogafurie’s own knowledge, individuality and inclusive approach.

This dynamic class has modifications for new practitioners and offers development for the more experienced. Observe your progress week on week with this structured and thorough sequence.

Hot Bikram Yoga - Dreamtime Icon


A sublime mix of slow flow yoga followed with yoga nidra, taught at a comforting 35 degrees.

This is a class that’s open to all experiences alike. You don’t have to be flexible, strong, fit, spiritual or even a big meditator to enjoy this class. If you’re new to hot yoga and you’re nervous about how tough it might be then come to this class to get used to the surroundings, the friendly staff and teachers, and the instructions for postures.

If you are looking for achieving the most relaxed conscious state, check our Yoga Nidra  classes for the most effective way to rest and restore.

Hot Bikram Yoga - Fierce Icon

Fierce Furie

Passionate about postures?

Work hard to deepen your practice in this pacey and challenging technical session. This is a varied and dynamic class, and you’ll explore all types of yoga postures.

Hot Bikram Yoga - Freedom Flow Icon

Freedom Flow

Freedom flow, set in an easy 35° heat, is the chance to move and taste yoga in a way that feels good!

Your class can include a meditation or nidra practice to heighten presence and awareness. You are invited to slow down and strengthen. And end this practice feeling great!

Hot Bikram Yoga - Hot Yin Tonic Icon

Hot Yin Tonic

In this class we will be finding our way in to stillness, working with postures which are mostly floor based and held for around 5 minutes to help release deep in to the connective tissue.

Yin is an intuitive practice and encourages students to explore their bodies and find a posture that feels the most nourishing for them.

In our fast paced, hectic lives its incredibly important we take this time out to to stop and listen. This class is time dedicated for rest, inviting in balance and allowing these opposite forces to complement each other.

Hot Bikram Yoga - Core Deep Yoga Icon

Core Deep

Stretching with longer holds and deeper strength.

Come to the centre to find your wings for flight. In this class you’ll explore the contrast between strength and flexibility that defines the progressive Yoga student.

Hot Bikram Yoga - Glow Flow Icon

Glow Flow Yoga

A soothing Yogafurie class taught at a tropical 30 degrees. This class is for all abilities alike.

If you’re new to Hot Yoga then this is a great way to get started.

If you’re a seasoned Hot Yoga practitioner, you’ll find you can give the gentle flow more energy and focus.

Book in with Hot Yoga and start your weekend with us!

What you need to know about Bikram Yoga

Hot Bikram Yoga Pose

Bikram Yoga is a hot yoga session  consisting of 26 postures which are done in a hot environment between 40° C to 50° C (104° F – 122° F). They start with breathing exercises and sometimes a short lecture about the practice and philosophy of hot Bikram.

Bikram-style hot yoga classes are 90 minutes long and the sequence is repeated each class, with minor variations to allow for increased flexibility with time. The yoga postures are typically taken through at a pace of two to five seconds per pose.

There are 26 poses, all beginning with basic standing poses such as the Mountain pose and Triangle pose. 

Sometimes, this also includes basic seated poses. After this sequence is performed, it is followed by what Yoga practitioners call the “finishing series”. 

This is a set of poses made up of variations on some of the standing poses, forward bends, and twists. It ends with several deep backbends done in Savasana (Corpse Pose). The Bikram sequence can be described as an active flowing sequence that is geared toward increasing strength, flexibility, and stamina.

Bikram hot yoga hardly uses any props for support unlike regular hot yoga classes. In Bikram Yoga, everything is done from a standing position – no need for chairs – so abdominal muscles have every opportunity to work hard! 

Posture Goals

Standing Poses –  improve posture, create space in the spine, increase balance and build strength throughout the entire body. Each posture gets you closer to attaining your goals by strengthening your muscles and increasing flexibility.

Deep Backbends –  are very good for opening up the lung area, hips and shoulders.

Twists – stretches out your spine with multiple vertebrae working at once that provide flexibility into the back. This will increase blood flow onto your muscles increasing relaxation into each pose.

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