Yogafurie Summer Challenge

It's Festival Time!

You’ve worked hard at your Hot Yoga and now you want to play hard for the summer…but life without practice can be stressful and injury-prone! 

Don’t worry – you can keep your practice going this summer with Yogafurie’s Summer Challenge. 

It’s easy – you pick a level of practice that you can keep going and there’s a super cool prize for one lucky participant!

Over the school holidays, there will be a chart in the studio with the names of of brave challenge participants. You pop a star next to your name when you attend. The people who complete their challenge will be entered into a draw – the prize is a free month of practice!

STEP 1: Decide if you which you want to be:

  • Warm-up act: one class per week
  • Rising Star: two per week
  • Headline: Three per week

STEP 2: Put a star next to your name whenever you attend practice.

STEP 3: At the end of the school holidays, everyone who completes their challenge will be entered into a draw. The winner will receive a free month of unlimited Hot Yoga practice!

What Are The Rules of the Challenge?

They're really simple! Click the small arrow to the right to find out how to play along.

  • This competition is open to anyone - Yogafurie members and non-members.
  • The competition runs 25th July 2022 - 4th September 2022 inclusive. 
  • You must email on or before 18th July to register for the competition.
  • You must add a start next to your name on the competition sheet each time you attend while the competition runs. Your attendance record on the system is not a substitute. Entry into the prize draw will be decided based on the competition sheet.
  • Yogafurie's decision on who to enter is final.
  • The names entered will be drawn at random by Yogafurie.
  • Yogafurie's decision on who has won is final.
  • You must use your free month of practice before 4th September 2023. Any unused time will disappear on that date.
  • You cannot transfer your prize to someone else, and there is no alternative to the prize offered.

Why Should I Take Part?

We care about the health of the earth and others. For every friend you bring, we are able to plant more trees to improve the lives and wellbeing of our local community. Click the arrow to the right to learn more.

We're not just a Hot Yoga studio and we're not just a family business. We're a team of passionate Yoga professionals who are committed to giving back.Festivals are wonderful! They are fantastic for our health and wellbeing. And so is Hot Yoga! You can bring the festival spirit to your summer, even if you have to keep busy with work and home taking part in this challenge, you are helping us greatly towards our goal of planting 208 trees in Bristol in 2022 with the Forest of Avon Trust. We don't keep the profits that Yogafurie makes - we plant them, for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.

Have any questions?

Need to know more about this challenge? Send us a message here and we will come back to you with the answer.

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