26+2’s evolution into Primal Furie

Article written and offered by Joy, a Hot Yoga Teacher and Teacher Training Coordinator with Yogafurie and a graduate of Yogafurie Academy.

“I did another yoga teacher training!

In lockdown, over 6 weeks, with a baby and 2 jobs….

26's+2's teacher training

Why?  Well, our Yogafurie director Ed approached me with an idea for a new and unique Yogafurie class; our own adaptation of the 26+2 practice.  A new sequenced class which offers the intensity and heat of 26+2 but improved to make it a whole-body sequence, accessible to beginners, with better safety modifications and a bit of the Yogafurie charm.  For the new class to be authentic and have real value for our Yogafurie students, we agreed that someone needs to be trained in the Ghosh lineage of yoga which influences this sequence and teaching style.  Such an interesting and exciting opportunity, of course I accepted the challenge!

Having completed Yogafurie’s 200hr teacher training in 2018 I knew only too well how wonderfully but intensely all-consuming a teacher training can be.  I spoke to my long-suffering husband about becoming full-time dad for 6 weeks and he was remarkably happy to have me out of the picture for a while…

Bristol 26+2 alternative class teacher training

Cut to day 1.  16 fresh faces from all over the world appear via the medium of Zoom on my computer screen.  One of the lead teachers said, “you’ve chosen your seat, it’s time to sit in it”.  Looking into the next 6 weeks of madness, mum guilt and already wondering if I’d made the right decision, that was what I needed to hear.  You’re here now; be here.

200 hours condensed into 6 weeks online looked a bit like this.  For 10-12 hour days over 3 day weekends I lived in my home office, mat laid out on one side and desk on the other; me and my laptop hopping between the two.  Lectures on philosophy, anatomy, injuries, Ayurveda, voice coaching and many other things; two practices a day and practice teaching sessions.  Running out of the room on 10-minute breaks for a quick squeeze with my little one while the kettle boiled and trying to discreetly finish my unfinished lunch off camera as we logged back in.  Outside of weekends we had mid-week evening lectures, 6 hours of videos to watch before the next weekend, and two scripted classes to learn.

Picture of Bristol 26+2 alternative class

This style of practice means that each class has the same sequence, taught in the same way, using the same language.  To me, this means that students have the benefits of seeing their progress each week and being able to get “out of the mind and into the body” as they become familiar with the sequence.  As a teacher, I had to learn to let go of my own words in order to speak someone else’s.  I imagine it’s like taking driving lessons a second time around; you might be a confident driver who knows what they’re doing but the less helpful habits you’ve picked up along the way are highlighted to you; some of which you might have found useful or even quite enjoy doing.  Fighting my own resistance to change wasn’t easy and is still a work in progress!

As long as 6 weeks feels when it’s stretching out in front of you, it passed in a flash and exam weekend was upon us.  Teaching another trainee on my screen, with the teachers “dropping in” to your Zoom room.  As their very lovely faces appeared on my screen mid-posture, nerves took over and the script fell out of my head.  But we made it through and just like the rest of the 6 weeks it was over.  To finish off a very unique teacher training experience we had an online graduation ceremony; hair brushed, drink in hand and desk-dancing to the tunes being played through our laptops.

Meditation on the course to create Bristol 26+2 alternative class

During those 6 weeks I was challenged physically and emotionally, my mind was engaged and I was filled up again with all things yoga, which I’ve missed greatly through new parenthood and lockdown.  What have I learnt?  Well aside from a different style of yoga practice, I’ve learnt a bit more about what type of teacher I am and what I feel is important.  I’ve learnt that I can find time in the day for the things that matter.  I’ve learnt that I struggle to learn a script in a very short time and I’ll probably never be a Hollywood star.  But that’s ok.

A woman in Bristol 26+2 alternative class

Since then, we’ve worked hard and thought carefully about what postures to include in our sequence.  We’ve created a class with 36 postures and 2 breath practices to target the whole body, with the benefits and intensity of a 26+2 class.  Keeping Yogafurie’s inclusive, safe and welcoming approach to yoga, it offers options to make it accessible to everyone.  With a nod to the first hot yoga sequences, Primal Furie does what we set out to do.

I’m really excited to have been able to work on something unique and special and can’t wait to introduce Primal Furie to our students when we reopen!  See you on the mat!”

Try our new style out now! Head to our Hot Yoga timetable and book your space.

Yoga posture in the new Bristol 26+2 alternative class

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