What Career Options Are Available To a Hot Yoga Teacher?

As a dedicated hot yoga lover, you may have a strong desire to share your passion with others. So it’s worth considering the hot yoga teacher route.

Teacher training is often a natural progression on the yogic journey. You deepen your own practice and understanding while helping others to live better. 

Teaching others this ancient art improves one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. It’s no wonder the practice continues to thrive even in the modern-day.

As a teacher, you connect directly with ancient yogic traditions while increasing connectedness with others. 

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A Hot Yoga Teacher as a Career

Hot yoga is becoming increasingly popular. Yoga studios covet hot yoga teachers and this type of class is typically better paid.  Yogafurie is an accredited school, so you’ll achieve an official Yoga Alliance qualification in hot yoga teaching and be able to start work immediately.

Yoga teachers typically enjoy a flexible work schedule. Some teach part-time alongside their job, which is ideal if you’re a parent or if you work a regular job.

And, another good thing, there’s no age limit. Some yoga teachers even continue teaching into their 90s.

So what options are available once you’ve completed hot yoga teacher training?

Become a Freelance Hot Yoga Teacher

Once you’re accredited you can freelance at various hot yoga studios. As a freelancer, you have complete control over your availability. But, you’ll be responsible for your own marketing, personal indemnity insurance, income tax, and national insurance. 

You can also contact organisations such as colleges to offer regular yoga classes. Some corporate companies offer yoga classes as a perk. It might be worth contacting companies in the area and suggest they hire you for lunchtime yoga?

There is also the option of hiring a venue for classes, especially in rural areas.

Work At Yogafurie

Typically, yoga studios tend to hire freelance teachers. But, Yogafurie is one of the very few companies that employ teachers on PAYE.  

We like to take care of our staff. 

Our employed teachers enjoy holiday pay, pension, mentoring, and career development assistance. Our teachers don’t need to worry about marketing and they have a steady income. We also subsidise our teachers’ training outside of Yogafurie.

In return, our teachers commit to giving their best.

Become a Teacher Trainer

As your understanding of yoga goes deeper, it’s natural to want to share your enthusiasm.

Once you’ve learned to teach yoga, you can deepen your knowledge and experience further by learning to teach new yoga teachers. You’ll be able to help others develop their teaching style, practice, and general awareness. 

Sharing your passion and helping others move forward with their practice and career is incredibly rewarding. Once you’re accredited you may wish to become a teacher trainer with Yogafurie?

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Offer Private Classes

Another option is to offer private one-to-one classes where you can give more individual attention to a client. 

Some complement one-to-one classes with group classes to perfect their technique and get more out of a class. As this type of class is time-intensive it commands a higher rate.

As a yoga teacher, you are free to hold classes anywhere in the UK or the world (depending on global circumstances). 

Once you have your accreditation you could organise yoga retreats, holidays, and workshops in the UK, Wales, or somewhere abroad like Greece or Bali?

Help People With Cancer

Being able to hold space for someone who is experiencing difficulties related to cancer is a valuable skill. Another option with yoga teaching is to channel your knowledge and passion to enhance the lives of people with cancer.

It is well documented that yoga is tremendously helpful for cancer sufferers. It reduces stress, pain, and promotes healing. While yoga doesn’t cure cancer, it can alleviate symptoms. This career path is a very worthwhile option.

Start Your Own Studio

If you’re an entrepreneurial spirit, there’s always the option to open a hot yoga studio. Starting can be tough though, especially if there’s existing competition. There’s a huge element of risk starting up from scratch. To make a yoga studio profitable you need a steady and consistent flow of customers. If you’re not sure how to approach starting up it can be daunting. 

But, with the right attitude and know-how, you’ll generate an abundant livelihood for you and others while helping people live better.

It’s a good idea to find a mentor to guide you through the pitfalls of setting up. You can manage risk with the aid of someone with experience.

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The Next Step

Becoming a hot yoga teacher is extremely rewarding.

You become consistently healthy, strong, and flexible. You learn how to heal yourself mentally and physically, then assist others to do the same. Not only can it be a profitable career, but you are giving to your community by promoting health and wellbeing.

Are you ready to turn up the heat on a new career? Get in touch for more information on teacher training at Yogafurie.

If you'd like to learn more about Yogafurie and what we do, then get in touch

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