Classic Furie: Effective Yoga Made Simple

Classic Furie in Bristol

Yogafurie’s most popular Hot Yoga class style, Classic Furie is fast becoming Yogafurie Online’s most popular style of Yoga to practice at home.


Because Classic Furie is a unique mix of meditation, relaxation and dynamic flows with a sprinkle of extra challenge.

What does this mean for you?

This means you can try a Classic Furie class as a beginner or an improver and reap the benefits.

You can become stronger, more flexible, rehab old injuries, learn meditation and improve your health all at the same time.

Mindful, yet challenging, Classic Furie is Yogafurie’s signature take on Vinyasa Yoga. Try a class today and start your Yoga journey towards health, physical fitness, flexibility, mental wellbeing and resilience, and a whole lot more.

The button below will take you directly to Yogafurie Online Yoga’s Classic Furie category, where you will find both Live & On Demand Classic Furie classes for you to try. Or if you keep reading, we have answered some FAQ’s for you below.


Great question!

Classic Furie follows the same format every time, so that you get to know what to expect and you can build your strength, fitness and flexibility to improve.

Although the format stays the same, the content within the format changes from class to class. This is because Yoga is so varied and health-giving, we created a consistent format where you can learn new Yoga postures safely and to your benefit.

We begin and end with meditation and relaxation. And throughout the middle, you’ll notice a warm up, into slightly more challenging flows or postures (we always offer variations on postures so everyone can join in, no matter your level of physical ability). And then we begin to warm down towards our relaxation or meditation at the end.

Then this is a great class to begin with!

Our Teachers are carefully selected for their knowledge of Yoga and anatomy, and for their welcoming and approachable teaching styles.

This means you will be starting with a class that, at first might be quite challenging, and you will be offered more simple variations of postures to try. And as time goes on, you will see yourself improve in many many ways. Not just physically when practicing Yoga, but also physically and mentally in everyday life!

Classic Furie is a class that offers beginners a safe challenge. You will always know of variations to complex Yoga postures to help you manage injuries and build up the healthy way.

After your first class you will already feel great! You will notice you feel much calmer, more steady, stronger and much more flexible too.

Over time and with regular practice, you will start to notice the Yoga working deeper, both physically and mentally. It can help you build and maintain a steady level of fitness, strength and suppleness that keeps you feeling vibrant and alive.

You will also notice the mindful aspects are working their way into your daily life. You will have a toolkit of mindful actions you can take during times of stress that bring you peace, calm and comfort.

You will very likely notice your sleep improve too, giving you a deeper sleep and helping you to wake up with more energy.

There are many more benefits to this that Classic Furie offers, but these are some highlights you’ll notice in the first instance.

You can join us online for Classic Furie either Live or On Demand. If you follow this link to the Online Yoga Platform you will see lots of Classic Furie classes in the library ready for you to try.

You can access a Live class online every day, and if you miss it, these classes are saved for you to play later. Also, weekly you will find new masterclasses, meditations and workshops added to the library. This gives you 10+ classes and meditations weekly that never expire.

Another option is to join us for Classic Furie in our Hot Yoga Studio based in Bristol! Our signature Classic style with the added challenge and benefits of heat! Follow this link to our Hot Yoga Timetable.

If you would like to try a Classic Furie class online then below are the options:

*Workshops are usually 2 hours long with a specific focus, you’ll see it named in the title of the video.

Unlimited access is our monthly membership, offering you the best value for your investment in your health and wellbeing.

A monthly membership offers you:

  • A new Live Yoga class daily. This class is then saved On Demand for you to access later, as often as you wish.
  • On Demand Masterclasses added weekly.
  • New meditations and relaxation practices added each week.

That’s access to 10+ classes and meditations each week for £25.

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