Did you know we’re a family business?

Doesn’t it feel great when you know more about people? Learn the story and the background to Yogafurie here.

Dad and daughter hugging


If you come to our studio, you will instantly feel welcomed, at home and part of the family. Able to relax and be yourself.

And that is because we are a family that LOVES the family vibe! You know that vibe? Where you can arrive and be yourself fully? Where you’re happy to see someone and they’re pleased to see you too.

Yogafurie Owner, Director & Lead Instructor, Ed, is father to Sinead, another Director and Lead Instructor. And the start of the entire Yogafurie spark began with both father and daughter attending their first Yoga class together almost 20 years ago. And you know the wonderful photos we always have? Well Ed’s other half is Freia, who is a professional (and fantastic) photographer. Freia also is a lover of Yoga and Hot Yoga, and she very much directs how Yogafurie looks and feels when you step into our studio, or take an online Yoga class.

Freia, the brains behind the studio

As a child, Sinead was raised on martial arts and climbing. Ed would take her and her brothers to classes regularly and the whole family enjoyed it.

When Sinead was 14 she dragged her reluctant father to their first ever Yoga class. Truth be told, at the time Ed was not looking forward to it! However, as soon as they took the class they were both hooked! Who knew Yoga could make you feel that great?! They both kept going to that same class for years.

Years later Ed took a knee injury in a martial arts class and was told he would need surgery as part of his recovery. This was when Ed began taking Hot Yoga classes. He was able to completely recover his knee and avoid surgery thanks to the healing benefits of Hot Yoga!

Ed and Hamish

And this is the short version of how it began…In 2012 Ed took a voluntary redundancy from his work in IT and began Yogafurie Hot Yoga.

We started from nothing, we would hire spaces and haul in heaters every evening to warm the room up to offer the magic of Hot Yoga! In 2016 Ed and Freia had a beautiful baby, Hamish! And as if this new bundle of joy wasn’t miracle enough, another kind of baby was born at the same time when we opened our very own purpose built studio in Bishopston at the same time!

Ed and baby Hamish


Because of our history and because of how much we love family, this is the ethos we share in our classes and at our studio. Come to us and you will very much be part of the family!

You can even discover this in our other Teachers and our Yogafurie Academy Teacher Training. We train Teachers and welcome them into our family in a very real way. And so when you take a class with a Yogafurie teacher, you know they’re as much family as the rest of all of us.

Right now you can join our family online an benefit from the Yoga and meditation that changed the course of so many people’s lives, including ours. And later when things in our world improve, you can join our family at the studio too.

Feel at home and part of the family when practicing Yoga. Yoga & Hot Yoga for everyone with Yogafurie.

If you'd like to learn more about Yogafurie and what we do, then get in touch

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