Eco-friendly clothing vs. fast fashion

Fast fashion is the reliance on cheap manufacturing, frequent consumption and short-lived garment use. Research shows fast fashion is growing as an industry – despite its ravage effects on the environment.

The likelihood is that you will have heard the term fast fashion, and understand it to be negative for the environment. This article will outline, in a short and simple way, just how this industry is affecting the earth and the positives of what we can do to stop this trend.

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How does fast fashion hurt the environment?

The fashion industry has a long supply chain that involves a negative impact due to its material, chemical, energy and water use. The process begins with agriculture and petrochemical production in order to produce fibre.

The next step is manufacturing. The chemicals used in this stage of the process cause harm to factory workers, consumers and the environment. The final stages involve logistics and retail.

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Although textile waste is found globally, a lot of the negative environmental and human impacts are seen in the countries that are creating the textiles and garments for sale in the industry.

Nature published an insightful article showing research into the fast fashion industry. “Fashion brands are now producing almost twice the amount of clothing today compared with before the year 2000”.

To add to this issue, consumer consumption behaviour causes large amounts of textile waste, which often finds its way to the landfill, incinerated or exported to other countries.

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What can we do to stop this problem?

The entire industry needs a huge overhaul. And it may seem like a problem that just too big for you as one individual. However, don’t be disheartened. You have more power and sway than you might initially think!

Vote with your wallet

When you need new clothing, consider buying second hand from a charity shop, or a vintage thrift store.

You can have a lot of fun when buying from these shops. And, not only will you not be funding the fast fashion industry, you’re more likely to be investing your hard earned income towards a charitable cause or a small business that can do great things for their local community with that extra investment.

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Invest in your clothing

There are many options out there now that offer clothing made from recycled materials. Not only this, when the clothing manufacturer has chosen to make clothing from recycled materials, they usually focus on fair pay and wellbeing for the people that are involved in the manufacturing process.

Here at Yogafurie in Bristol, we are so very proud to have teamed up with two highly conscientious clothing manufacturers.

Yoga Democracy

Our Yoga Democracy leggings are made from recycled plastic bottles. Their beautiful patterns are designed using an eco-friendly dyeing process. And everything is designed, created, dyed, cut and shipped from the same building, helping to cut down greatly in the negative environmental impact of the long complicated process in the fast fashion industry.

The leggings are beautiful, durable, flexible and fit perfectly. Our Hot Yoga Teacher, Sinead, is often sporting a pair. She loves the way they look and feel, and has proven that these leggings last forever! They stand the test of time and heavy use in our Hot Yoga studio.

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Free Spirit

Free Spirit is another fantastic clothing brand we offer in our studio store. Free Spirit create their tops and jumpers with 100% natural sustainable fabric, organic cotton and bamboo. By purchasing this garment, a child living in poverty in India is given education materials to go to school.

Their leggings are made from 32 recycled plastic bottles with their slogan saying “I used to be rubbish”.

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Support small business and support the cause

At Yogafurie, we are making every effort to take care of our community, the health of everyone who interacts with us, and the health of the earth in which we live.

We’re a small, family business with a big heart and a big mission! Shop with Yogafurie for your Yoga clothing and equipment. You’ll be supporting a local business, your local community, the earth in which you live, and you will have beautiful, stylish, comfortable, long lasting, and eco-friendly Yoga clothing as a result!

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If you'd like to learn more about Yogafurie and what we do, then get in touch

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