Ed: Getting ready for the yoga teacher training course

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Teacher training can have a profound impact on your life, in ways you might never have imagined. Really there’s no way to prepare when life comes calling and suddenly offers everything you ever wanted, in exchange for your hard work and loving devotion to Yoga. But we can lay the groundwork, so that Yoga’s transformative power has a stable base in which to build a new future.

Ask questions to prepare mentally

Prepare mentally by working through your course prerequisites. Let your questions form. If possible speak to the course leader about them. Go to some classes and be sure you click with how information is delivered. Make sure you feel that the practices are bio-mechanically sound, and that the teachers really do understand human bodies.

Hot Yoga class standing with hands at heart centre, reflecting.

Take time to reflect to prepare emotionally

Prepare yourself emotionally by reflecting on courage: how will you feel if some of your deepest-held Yoga beliefs turn out to be inaccurate? The bottom can fall out of one’s entire Yoga framework when the full depths of self-transformation are glimpsed. And on a more practical level – sadly – some courses aren’t very good. Can you cut ties and try again elsewhere if necessary?

Open yourself up to prepare spiritually

Spiritual preparation depends on how you feel about spirituality. But regardless of whether you have no interest at all or an established spiritual practice, you’re about to go deeper into yourself than ever before. Are you ready to feel your own heart overflow – perhaps for the first time – and realise it has always done that, even when you felt most alone? At that point it no longer matters if there are gods, God or “nothing up there” at all.

Hot Yoga class with Aaron in Seated Twist.

You’re investing in yourself!

The investment in your course is much more than the price you pay and the time spent on assignments. It’s a personal investment in yourself; it’s your personal evolution and that will require all sorts of resources. When you’re ready to make that commitment to yourself and how you help the world around you then you’re ready to live your fullest life. In my experience, that moment starts when you download the application form – and never, ever ends.

Would you like to know more about the course?

Have you been thinking about a career change or simply taking your yoga practice to the next level? We still have spaces available for our next hot yoga teacher training course in January 2017.

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