Ed Wood on beating stress – Practise Yoga and don’t take yourself too seriously

“Practice at home when you can.”

“Don’t take yourself too seriously”

Sinead and Ed regularly teach both of the evening classes on certain evenings. That’s a lot of yoga! You’ll be even more surprised to know that Ed likes to get up at 5am each morning to do 3 hour’s of yoga in his living room while his Springer Spaniel, Katie, looks for attention from him.

Class with Ed, in Warrior 1 pose with back knee down.

With being so busy, managing a new hot yoga studio, having a new family and trying to fit in hours of practice a day, we asked Ed about how he keeps on an even keel.

“What’s it like to run Bristol’s newest hot yoga studio?”

It’s great. If I’m honest, I’ve never worked so hard in all my life, but it’s very rewarding because I see the progression in people as their capability goes from strength to strength. And it’s clear how much everybody gets from their Hot Yoga practice at a personal level too, and that’s lovely.

Sinead in bridge, elbows down, outside on the grass.
Perfect Postures with Sinead Wood for Yogafurie taken in Bishopston. June 2017. Photographer Freia Turland e:info@ftphotography.co.uk m:07875514528

“What yoga practice do you like to do every day?”

My practice is a combination of breath work, mantra and physical postures. I’m working on some very specific things. It’s great to have the scope and the tools to build practices exactly tailored to oneself – and that’s why I encourage people to begin a home practice.

“Have you got any good tips to help your students manage stress?”

Keep practicing! And don’t take yourself too seriously. Regular practice helps with that for sure!

Supplement your hot yoga by practising at home

The great thing about our classes is because it’s Vinyasa yoga in a hot room, you can practice the same poses at room temperature. If you’re finding any areas that need improvement, e.g. hip flexibility, give yourself the time at home to practice and improve.

If you find 20 minutes free to yourself at home, you’ll find that it’s a great opportunity to invest in yourself by working on areas of focus.

Have a chat with one of the teachers when you’re next in class for tips on:

  • Great poses to practice
  • What to look for when attempting poses
  • What to avoid to prevent injury

Portrait of Ed with hands at heart centre.

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