An Empowering Yoga Journey

Layla had been searching for something to bring more meaning to her life; that was before she found Yoga Teacher Training. 
What was it about Yoga that made you want to learn more?

I have always loved yoga since being a kid,  and all babies are yogis without even realising;  I believe there is something so nurturing about it. Whatever mood or state of being, you can find a way to practise yoga even if it’s just reading quotes from the Buddha. I have come to learn more about the all-encompassing, holistic heritage of yoga,  and what it means goes far, far beyond Asana. I suppose that’s my favourite aspect of it, the way it keeps me striving at every level, beginning with the spiritual and mental and branching out into the bigger questions along the journey. 

Wherever anyone is in their yoga journey, the possibility for growth is always present and prevalent. I put sankalpa (intention) into everything now, no matter how big or small, as long as my intention is focussed and pure,  the outcome does not matter. Yoga, to me,  is giving my brain the space to have a growth mindset which helps me face challenges better and appreciate victories more and to become more measured in my approach,  wherever I am.

Did you aim to teach afterwards or was this a journey to deepen your knowledge about Yoga?

My aim was to teach in some capacity afterwards but since studying yoga I have deepened my understanding and my sankalpa, which has been the bigger lesson. I still plan to teach but intention is everything, it leads to doors,  so I am going to carefully consider the best doors to open. My plan in this moment is to have the confidence to say yes to all teaching opportunities I create for myself so that I can build towards my deeper intention with yoga and to figure out exactly what that is with experience behind me as a tool.

Bristol Yoga Teacher Trainees Practicing High Lunge Pose

How did you feel the moment that you signed up to the course?

I was overwhelmed with emotions, all of which were good. I felt it was a new, fresh start and although I could tell it would be a challenge I knew this course would arm me with science, philosophy and practise elements which I didn’t see available anywhere else.

How did you feel on your first day? What was the experience of your first weekend with us?

I found it very challenging on many levels but I knew that the challenge would make me stronger eventually and ultimately a better yoga teacher,  and a better version of myself.


Bristol Yoga teacher trainees  training at Yogafurie. 

How did you feel on your last day of the course?

It was strange because from going in every month to the last half being over zoom,  I didn’t go in as such. In all honesty it felt a bit against the grain, but I was so happy of the progress I made and ultimately I felt ready to take the next step.

Bristol Yoga Teacher Trainees learning Chair Pose

What is your favourite learning that you will take away with you? Do you have any new / unique areas of interest since the course?

I loved learning how eclectic this spiritual field was and it gave me a sense of renewal and value in all the activities available. It made me see things in a whole new light. If I saw a kirtan class near me I may go knowing what it involves and how good it makes me feel and how connected and unifying it is. I will enter ashrams once again with a lot more confidence.

Do you teach Yoga now? How do you enjoy the experience of teaching Yoga?

I have a few opportunities potentially lined up and I see teaching yoga as a big part of my future. But I am taking little steps right now and just staying open to what lies ahead and how I can combine other interests with this one. My ultimate aim is to do just that, combine areas of interest with it.

What is different about your life now than when you started the course?

I really am a whole new person or I am in fact the person I was a long time ago rather… I am more of a child at play again. My eyes see what they did as a child, simple yet effective. I am not afraid to work on myself and to better myself and to seek my purpose again, to be open and curious to it instead of impatient and comparing where I should be to society’s standards of others. To really be at peace with my own journey again and to know feeling like I’m enough now is precious and doesn’t need conditions placed on it but I can walk that path to a better destination feeling like I’m enough, not like I will be enough once I arrive.

What was your favourite thing about the Yoga Teacher Training course with Yogafurie Academy?

My favourite thing was probably how friendly, understanding and caring people were, both the people delivering the course and the people on it as well as all the different people available to deliver teaching sanskrit and the tradition, the kirtan, the slow, intentional movement. All this showed all the different paths that could be carved and made the course so rich, diverse and enjoyable too.


Yoga teacher trainees on their last weekend of training at Yogafurie. September 2019.

Is there anything else you would like to offer up as a reflection on this journey?

From all the research I did, it was very easy to find courses which just taught the spiritual side, and to me that would have been an easy way to enter yoga but I genuinely do not think it would have equipped me as well; as a more demanding and challenging course and there is so much more value in that. I already have at my fingertips ‘how to be spiritual’ guides because I believe we all have our own relationship to spirituality but I wanted to be a better teacher, not a better practitioner so my last reflection would be on content. At times it felt like I was doing a joint honours degree like I did at university,  but I am so glad I had some experience because I think that gave me the discipline needed. Definitely the harder you work, the more you learn. That may seem obvious but it’s true and now I really do feel equipped. I will never stop learning but I do not feel like I have imposter syndrome teaching either. The course was very grounding and empowering really.

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