Fighting Fight – MMA Fighter Mario Saeed vs Yogafurie Hot Yoga

Mario and Ed looking at camera.

Taking care of yourself is so important when you regularly push your mind and body to the limits.

A lot of athletes see the value in hot yoga for all it’s health benefits like:

  • Building strength and flexibility
  • Injury prevention and promoting long term health
  • The focus on breathing helps keep your mind steady and strengthens your cardiovascular system

Our Yogafurie member and professional MMA fighter, Mario Saeed, tells us about what our hot yoga classes does for him.

What does hot yoga do for your training?

Mario :- I have been doing hot yoga down Yogafurie for my last fight camp. It helps me a lot with flexibility and makes me focus a lot on my breathing exercises. It also helps me to lose weight and keep me fit for my season. After each class, I feel good about myself. Every time I finish, I look forward to the next class.

As a professional MMA fighter, do you find the classes challenging?

Mario:- Yes, I find it challenging. It’s a good way it make me focus and work hard, but at the same time I get a lot of benefits from it. Especially learning to be focused on the way that I’m stretching and breathing.

Would you recommend Yogafurie hot yoga to other athletes as part of part of your training program?

Mario :- Absolutely! I have been telling all my training partner, Lacey, and everyone else that it’s a great class. It’s helped me a lot with my flexibility, keeps me fit and makes me lose weight before fights. More importantly, the classes keep the focus on my breathing, which helps me recover in between rounds.

Ed assisting Mario with Vasisthasana.
Ed assisting Mario with Vasisthasana

We hope you are on the mend and back in the ring soon!

Mario’s was scheduled to fight on the 14th May at the Barclaycard Arena, but unfortunately he’s unable to fight for medical reasons; he broke one of his ribs in a sparring session. Ouch! We’re still rooting for you Mario. Hope you are fighting fit soon!

You can follow Mario on his Facebook page for updates on future fights. Be sure to wish him luck if you see him in class.

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