From Accounting to Asana

Bronwen was working in accounting before deciding to undertake her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bristol. Here she shares what she took from the course. 
What was it about Yoga that made you want to learn more?

I had been practising for five years at Yogafurie and wanted to improve my own practise.

Did you aim to teach afterwards or was this a journey to deepen your knowledge about Yoga?

No, I wasn’t aiming to teach after the course. Although I hadn’t closed off the possibility, it wasn’t my main focus.

Students Studying Yoga Teacher Training in Bristol

How did you feel the moment that you signed up to the course?

Really excited but very nervous.

How did you feel on your first day? What was the experience of your first weekend with us?

I was really nervous wondering what the rest of the group would be like and doubting if I had done the right thing. However, within moments of meeting our group and starting our practise I knew I had done the right thing.

Yoga Teacher teaches Boat Pose at a Yoga Teacher Training in Bristol


Yoga teacher trainees on their first weekend of training at Yogafurie. September 2020.

How did you feel on your last day of the course?

I was very happy to complete the course. After a year of COVID restrictions and worries I was thrilled that I had made it to the end. I was also sad not to be practising and seeing our teaching group again

What is your favourite learning that you will take away with you? Do you have any new / unique areas of interest since the course?

Not judging myself. It is really hard not to think ‘ I am not good enough’ ‘ I should be doing a handstand / super complex asanas  ‘ and comparing yourself to others. 

Accepting where I am in my own practise and not judging myself has been so helpful. I have noticed how regular and home practise makes such a difference. Although we didn’t study accessible yoga on the course I want to learn more about it and how yoga can be accessible for all levels, ages and abilities.

Do you teach Yoga now? How do you enjoy the experience of teaching Yoga?

I am teaching online mainly to friends and I am looking to do some in person teaching over the coming months.

Students in Warrior 2 Pose While Studying Yoga Teacher Training in Bristol


forward folds in a Bristol yoga class

What is different about your life now than when you started the course?

I think I am more relaxed and I am defiantly taking a different perspective on life. I am really think yoga will start to play a much bigger part in my life in the coming years.

Students Practice Standing Forward Fold While Studying Yoga Teacher Training in Bristol

What was your favourite thing about the Yoga Teacher Training course with Yogafurie Academy?

The weekends, our sangha and teaching. I loved learning about the asanas and the correct way to teach and practise them.


Yoga teacher trainees on their first weekend of training at Yogafurie. September 2020.

If you are interested in going for it, we have a Yogafurie Academy Yoga Teacher Training open day on October 16th. 1-4pm. The afternoon includes a free Hot Yoga class, Q&A with teachers and students and coffee and cake. Reserve your place here.

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