From Student to Teacher with Yogafurie Training Academy

Jodie Withyman and Kate Samways both graduated the 2016 Yogafurie Academy Teacher Training course, and both now teach Hot Yoga with Yogafurie. I asked them what it felt like to move from student to teacher, and whether they had any thoughts to share with others who are thinking of teacher training.

Yogafurie Academy Students Learn and Practice the Philosophical Aspect to Yoga
Yogafurie Academy Students Learn and Practice the Philosophical Aspect to Yoga

Kate Samways

“So it’s been about two or three months since I finished my qualification and I’m about to teach my fifth Hot Yoga class. It’s been a really interesting transition, going from teacher training to teaching real punters, who will come with real injuries, and who offer real suggestions and comments. I’ve found that in fact a really positive step because I’m still learning – and now in the most practical way.

I chose to do my assessment by teaching a public, Hot Yoga class – which I would really recommend as it’s a very real experience. I think what that and subsequent classes have taught me as a teacher is to have confidence in my knowledge, and to teach from that and my own practice. I deliver what I know to be true.

Teaching for the first time very well. I was able to run my classes by Ed first, and talk to him if something didn’t go as well as I thought. I’ve genuinely been supported through that initial teaching stage. Ed came to my class and even though that it’s scary to teach my teacher, having that there was a real comfort as well.

With a really good balance between independent planning and support when I needed it, I started to find my feet I think quite early on. I especially enjoy the creative side of class planning – researching anatomy class, or if it’s something more based around philosophy and meditation then how do I try and impart what I’ve learned?

I actually really recommend going from teacher training into actual teaching here because I think it is a very naturally supportive and creative environment.”

Ed teaching Human Anatomy and the Physical Practice of Yoga to trainees.
Yogafurie Teacher Trainees study deeply Human Anatomy and the Physical Practice of Yoga

Jodie Withyman

“At the moment I have a complete mix of emotions before teaching a class. Always lots of excitement and gratitude for students attending the class but also a big dollop on anxiety and nerves, I try and put so much thought into planning my classes, I really hope people get something out of them. My personal practice has changed massively, it incorporates a lot more meditation and attention to what I’m actually doing at that moment, I can connect to my practice more now I understand the postures with more detail. Being a teacher has taught me how to be present.

It is more than I expected – I have all the good feels after teaching a class.”

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