Hot Yoga for athletes: Case Study – Marcus Rendle

Marcus Rendle has been attending Yogafurie Hot Yoga for 8+ months to help him train in his run up to the marathon Des Sables. Below he explains how Hot Yoga has helped him.

Taking care of yourself is so important when you regularly push your mind and body to the limits.

A lot of athletes see the value in hot yoga for all it’s health benefits like:

● Building strength and flexibility

● Injury prevention and promoting long term health

● The focus on breathing helps keep your mind steady and strengthens your cardiovascular system

Our Yogafurie member Marcus Rendle finds it especially useful in order to get him ready for running marathons in the desert as the studio is a similar heat, let’s hear about how it has helped him with his training…

Running in the desert

What made you start coming to Hot Yoga?

I initially attended Yogafurie with the sole intention of getting my body use to working in extreme heat as part of my training for the Marathon des Sables; a 260km truly gruelling multi-stage self sufficient running race through a mythical landscape in one of the world’s most inhospitable environments – the Sahara Dessert. It has transpired that the last eight months has offered so much more than that.

What benefits have you seen from attending Yogafurie Hot Yoga classes?

Having previously subscribed to the set ninety minute 26 posture format of other hot yoga studios, I was nervous I would get bored of my target two sessions a week. However, the variety of classes offered at Yogafurie has been a breath of fresh, albeit hot air. The faster pace classes of Julia’s weekend classes have not only improved my cardiovascular fitness but taught me how to control my breathing, recover and continue to work in the heat without the need for a break. Ed’s plank based “fun” and Sinead’s boat pose heavy classes have improved my core strength no end which has helped improve my running technique when fatigued. The general benefits to overall body conditioning is noticeable and the ability to loosen off the legs after long runs has assisted my ability to train hard and longer than before. I found the slightly shorter hour morning classes meant it was possible to start the day off with some R&R for the body before work.

A Yogafurie hot yoga class

What role has Hot Yoga played in your training?

It seems like only yesterday that I was regularly looking over my shoulder at the clock to see how many minutes were left, realising I was only five minutes in! Now, I comfortably complete back to back daily evening sessions and feel the ease at which I complete them. There is no secret to yoga, no matter what age, what sex, what level of starting fitness, no matter what your shape or size, it is a simple as this – the more you do it, the easier it becomes! Although initially feeling like a fish out of water gasping for air, with frequency becomes ease, you begin to ride the breath and enjoy the classes where previously you felt like you are hanging on for your life.

Has attending the class made you become a more efficient marathon runner?

I would have to say a definitive yes. Third place in my 110km warm up race The Ultra Trail Morocco Eco Sahara was encouraging and I fly to race the MDS this weekend, fresh, fit and keen to get under way.

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