Hot Yoga for office workers

The crumbs in the keyboard. The bubble of the water cooler. That one colleague who shares way to much information with you about their weekend antics. Yes, the modern day workforce is truly a sight to behold.

Unfortunately, us humans weren’t made to crouch over a desk for 8 hours a day and give account reviews to clients. The stresses that we face in our modern workday are completely different to what we have evolved to cope with.

Class with Sinead in Seated Chair position.

Hot yoga can help keep you on an even keel

The physical and mental practice of hot yoga can help you unwind after a long day at the office. One of our members, Hannah Donnelly, has celebrated her 1st Yogafurie Anniversary last month! She works in an office, so we asked her a few questions about how she finds Yogafurie helps her do all the awesome things she likes to do.

“As someone who’s come to hot classes for over a year, how have you found the classes work for you?”

I find the classes really benefited mentally and physically. I find it really hard to concentrate with loads of thoughts all the time so its really helped me to slow my thought process and patterns through breathing. I am also physically stronger and learning a lot about my body through alignment.

Yogafurie Fashion Show - two in Tree pose.

“How does hot yoga help with stress from work?”

Yoga is my biggest stress relief, I go straight from work (which is stressful) to the hot yoga studio. I have a good 30 mins before the class starts where I am able to get changed an either hang out by reception or lay in the studio as it heats up,  find this a really nice way to wind down after work, the heat brings a meditation sensation and I feel centered before the  class starts.

Have you got a work friend that fancies coming along?

Have you got a workmate who’s talking about coming along to a class? Helping them relieve some stress may help make your working day a bit easier as well!

The first step is getting them to give a class a go to see if they like it.  Check our hot yoga timetable below to find a class that’s good for them.

Single class: £15 per class

Intro month: £30 for unlimited classes for a whole month for new Yogafurie members

See you in class!


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