How Hot Yoga is Perfect for Beginners

Hot Yoga comes with a reputation for being tough, only for those that have strength and flexibility in spades.

I’m here to say that the Hot Yoga I know (at Yogafurie) is the complete opposite of this reputation. Yes, with practice you become stronger and more flexible. But Hot Yoga, just like the normal temperature practice, welcomes you as you already are, whether you’ve been out of action for years, or have trained so hard in another sport that you feel as flexible as a brick!

So I truly believe Hot Yoga is the best thing to get into as a beginner! Why?

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It’s an all-rounder. Movement, well-being, mental and emotional health AND a community of supportive friends who all share the same experience and want the best for each other. 

Below I offer my personal and professional experience as to why giving Hot Yoga a go as a complete beginner is the best thing you can do for yourself! It definitely was for me and many others.

An effective use of your time

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First, ask yourself the question; what are your goals?

  • In search of some essential me-time that makes you feel great?
  • Looking for a way to improve your health, fitness and wellbeing in one silver bullet?
  • Looking to recover from injury?
  • Enhance your performance in your chosen sport? Ie cycling / running / climbing?
  • Searching for mental space? A place to de stress and learn how you can manage anxiety?

The potent combination of Yoga, mindfulness and heat offers a transformation in so many ways.

The heat, coupled with safe, nurturing and intuitive movement, helps muscles, connective tissues, bones and joints to repair. Life in the modern world can bring about injuries, aches, pains, inflammation, wear and tear – and I believe Hot Yoga is here to put you back together again.

It doesn’t stop there, the heat element provides our minds with a layer of challenge that brings strength and resilience. When this is mixed with Yogic philosophy, our mental health, emotional health, attitudes and mindsets can shift to be supportive of ourselves and our goals in life.


mindfulness class in yoga studio in bristol uk

Hot Yoga may sound tough, and some class styles may be a challenge. But it’s a far cry from the “no pain no gain” culture.

Yogic philosophy begins with an attitude of compassion and non-harming. This means that when we practice Yoga, we’re encouraged to listen to our bodies and respond with kindness. This level of self compassion exercises our mindfulness ‘muscles’ – such a useful practice that we can take off the mat and bring into everyday life.

Variety and inclusivity

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Yoga is a rich tradition, with lots of different styles and practices. This means that you can take the style that suits you from day to day.

Feeling tired? Yoga has your back. Recharge your batteries with a restorative Dreamtime or meditative Hot Yin Tonic..

Want to burn a lot of energy? Yoga is here for you. Book in for Fierce or Classic Furie, move your body, sweat and feel totally refreshed.

Need to reconnect with your body and breath? Yoga’s got you sorted. Enjoy meditative movement with Freedom and Glow Flow.

It’s safe

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Hot Yoga in our Yoga studio in Bristol is safe. teachers are carefully chosen based on many factors, including their knowledge of human anatomy and how it’s applied in Yoga.

This means that a long term Hot Yoga practice offers therapy for your body. Easing achey joints, reinvigorating and strengthening your body in a safe environment.

Find your community 

people doing a yoga pose in bristol yoga classes

My absolute favourite thing about this studio is that Bristol Hot Yoga at Yogafurie fosters the inclusive Yogic principles of community and kinship.

Always welcomed with a smile, everyone truly cares how you are doing here.

When you’re trying to make a new habit stick, finding like minded people just like you really helps! For years I’ve witnessed countless clients meet new friends and acquaintances to share the fun, challenging, healing experience of Hot Yoga classes. The studio genuinely buzzes with positivity and friendship!

Hot Yoga saved my life more than once 

people meditating at hot yoga in bristol class

Before Hot Yoga I was on a very different path. Opening up my life to Yoga transformed my career, my personal life, my emotional health and my lifestyle.

In 2019 I was in an accident on my motorbike where I broke my spine. I was back to teaching within 7 weeks!! I know the healing practice of Yoga Nidra sped up my recovery in the early days, and then the heat combined with mindful movement helped me to strengthen and move in powerfully healing ways. Since then I’ve been pregnant and given birth and I still don’t feel my traumatic spine injury, it’s almost like it never happened and I know I owe a lot of my healing to Hot Yoga.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I care deeply about sharing what’s accessible, effective, suitable and healing for us all as imperfect humans. I know this practice is perfect for you!

Give it a go. Book in with us at our Bristol Yoga classes or join us online for Yoga. Let me know how you find it!

If you'd like to learn more about Yogafurie and what we do, then get in touch

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