Intermediate Hot Yoga Classes

“We’re going to attempt more challenging cases, with the same focus on safety and self development”

Our intermediate hot yoga class is back! From Weds 13th April, our 7:45pm classes will become intermediate classes.

If you’re confident in your hot yoga practice, then these classes can present a new challenge for you.

These classes will give you more advanced options for poses whilst promoting your long term health.

Hot yoga class in Extended Side Angle pose.

A bit about the intermediate Hot Yoga Class

When? From 13th April onwards, our Weds late class 7:45-9:00pm will become our intermediate hot yoga class.

How much? This class would be included as normal within the memberships. Except of course, the Early Class membership, which doesn’t cover the late evening classes anyway.

How to book? You book the Intermediate class in the same way, by using our Hot Yoga Class Timetable.

What to expect? That all sounds great, but what can you expect at the Intermediate hot yoga class?

“These classes are open to anyone who is looking to explore yoga postures more deeply”

You’ll certainly find the intermediate hot yoga class more challenging and energetic than our mixed abilities classes. These classes are aimed at our members who are more experienced in hot yoga. You’ll see a lot of familiar poses in the class, but with a ‘twist’ (excuse the bad yoga pun) to add a new challenge.

“It’s not just for athletes”

The intermediate hot yoga class is of course open to everyone. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to do well in these classes. We still give options for difficulty of poses, so you can go at your own pace. Depending on the level of your previous hot yoga experience, you may find that there are more advanced poses that you struggle with.

It’s important to make sure that you go at your own pace when selecting hot yoga classes to go to. I’m sure you’ve noticed that our mixed abilities classes can be challenging enough anyway! If you are unsure about whether you should try an intermediate hot yoga class, then do chat to Ed or one of the teachers when you have a moment.

Sinead talking with students after class.

If you feel more confident in your hot yoga practice and want to give the Intermediate hot yoga class a try, then you can book yourself in from our Hot Yoga Class Timetable.

Tip: You can look at future weeks on the timetable by clicking the red ‘Next’ button on the right hand side of the timetable widget.

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