Inversion training @Yogafurie

A six-week course this autumn with Chloe

  • September 17th, 24th & October 1st, 15th, 22nd, 29th 3-4:30PM
  • £250 for all six or £50 / session
  • Explore new postures, learn new practice techniques
  • Build new strength and balance
  • Led by an expert instructor with a wealth of practice experience
  • Glow temperature – 30 degrees

Why learn inversions?

Release tension, increase energy, strengthen your body

We’re all adept at standing up, and Hot Yoga has helped us build strength and agility upright. But really, that’s just half the story.

Being upside down eases blood flow from the legs back to the heart. This can lower heart rate and may improve oxygen uptake. It stimulates your lymph system, so your body is better at eliminating waste. And take a look around the room – inversions leave people smiling. For health alone, it makes sense to learn inversions.

It takes a different kind of strength and flexibility to stretch and support yourself upside down. Working on these postures develops a complementary capability that will directly contribute to all of your Yoga practice.

There’s no doubt that inversions require patience and persistence. But the outcome is a new, and sometimes profound sense of body-confidence.

If you’re drawn to these benefits, read on…

What the course includes

  • 90 minutes of expert instruction every time.
  • Practice sequences focused on and tailored to Yoga’s inversion postures.
  • Accessible practice: modifications and different approaches to suit individual needs.
  • Tips and tricks from someone with skill and experience in inversions practice.
  • Time to build your strength and skill – 6 practice sessions spread over 7 weeks means your body has time to grow and adapt.

Over to you...

What you need to know about attending your course

Please bring your own Yoga mat, equipment and mat towel.

Your teacher is very experienced and will care very well for you. However, you must take responsibility for your safety also. You must practice carefully. Listen to and follow the instructions. Be sure to raise any concerns you might have immediately. Don’t do anything that doesn’t sound right for your body at that time.

You must pay in advance in order to hold a space at any session. There is no refund or credit available if you miss a session.

The course takes place at a Glow temperature of 30 degrees.

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