Yogafurie’s Caroline Featherby – A reflection on teaching and my Yoga practice

Teacher Training: Case Study

My first visit to YogaFurie was in 2016. I had given birth to my first child a few months before and was still on maternity leave. Becoming a first time mum was a rollercoaster of a ride and I was just starting to get to know myself again, reconnect with my identity, and find some time for me. I had been practising yoga since 2003, I was 18 and my friend took me to my first yoga class and I loved it immediately. Yoga had been something that slowly grew to be an incredibly important, and even vital, part of my life. It helped me get through some incredibly difficult times in life, but it was also where I went to celebrate the amazing moments too. 

I recall having a conversation with my husband and told him that Wednesday evenings would be my night. He would have the baby and I would have some time to myself. It was then I found Yogafurie and started going to Ed’s Intermediate class (as it was then called). It was everything I needed it to be and more. A safe space for me to go, to devote some time to myself, some much needed time to focus on me again. I went every week without fail. It wasn’t much but it was just what I needed to get me through the rest of the week.

I consistently went every Wednesday evening until the Summer of 2017 when I became pregnant with my second child. I kept up my regular yoga practice at home and couldn’t wait to get back to the studio just as soon as I could. Once I had managed to navigate motherhood with 2 under the age of 3 I went back to the studio, Wednesday nights, and found my regular practice with Yogafurie again.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long until in 2020 attending the studio was halted again, as it was for everyone. I continued to practice with Yogafurie online during these months. I was so pleased they had an online platform and it really supported me in my personal yoga practice during those difficult months we all had to endure.


 After completing my teacher training I was fortunate enough to join the YogaFurie team as a cover and online teacher in July 2022 and was offered a weekly class in December 2022. The Wednesday evening 6:15pm slot. It really feels like it has all come full circle. The class I used to attend is now the one that I teach.

I was then lucky enough to be invited to join Ed in Cyprus at our week long retreat in June 2023. This experience had a huge impact on me and has undoubtedly changed me forever. It was such an incredible week, with wonderful people; it taught me so much, not only in my teaching, but in my personal practice and as a person.

I still pinch myself on a Wednesday evening when I am stood at the front of a room of wonderful people who have trusted me to hold a safe space for them to have that time for themselves. A space just for them. And for whatever reason they are there, whatever it is that has brought them to class that day, I am incredibly grateful for their presence, for their support and for the opportunity to share their practice with them. It truly is a privilege and one that I will never take for granted.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds in my teaching career and I am so happy that Yogafurie is a part of my journey








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