Laura’s story of physical, mental and family benefits gained from Yogafurie Hot Yoga

Laura has found so many benefits in her life from Yogafurie Hot yoga that she is now celebrating her 500th class in 3 years.

Laura, 41, reports she is the strongest she has ever been, as well as enjoying both physical and mental health benefits thanks to her regularly attending Yogafurie Hot Yoga.

Laura at Yogafurie's yoga and hot yoga facility in Bristol

“I was looking for an exercise, something physical that would benefit me instead of having a gym membership”.

Laura’s career in Marketing requires her to commute to Reading and London 4 times a week. This, coupled with a history of running marathons, Laura found she had developed problems with her back and her hips. “I wanted something that would build muscle, for strength and for my core. I remember your flyer coming through my door before you opened and knowing I wanted to join”.

A Yogafurie hot yoga class led by Ed with participants in downward facing dog

“I’m so much more aware of my body and what’s happening. Whereas before with having children I was ‘making do’, now I understand my body a lot more.” Yogafurie’s Hot Yoga practice has increased Laura’s awareness of her posture, alignment and helped her to know her body so much better.

As a mother of 3 with a full time career Laura aims to go to Yogafurie 3 times a week, and she reports that “when I can’t come, I miss it”.

When asked what has kept Laura coming back this often and for a long period of time Laura reports “Not only due to the level of fitness I have developed, but also due to the mental health benefits. It is the only time (apart from sleeping) when my brain switches off”. The feeling of mental downtime that Laura receives from her hot yoga practice is the same as if she’s on holiday reading a book – a mini vacation!

A Yogafurie hot yoga class with male instructor Aaron leading a standing meditation

One of the reported benefits Laura offers is the tools that Yogafurie Hot Yoga has provided to her to help with sleep. “I don’t sleep well. And what I find is that the meditative side, focussing on my breathing really helps for when I wake in the night. I use those tools to get back to sleep again.”

Yogafurie Hot Yoga also helps with stress. Laura has found that whenever she is processing anything, her Hot Yoga practice helps her release the stress associated with the issue. It also helps Laura to stay on track and focussed for both family and her work.

Laura sitting at yogafurie studiio in bristol

With both her and her husband working full time roles in demanding industries, a step-daughter in university, and two children of 8 and 6 years old, Laura says that family life is often hectic.

Laura reports that her family notice the stress relief benefits she receives from her Hot Yoga practice and support her in going. Preferring to come to the studio Laura mentions “I can’t practice yoga at home as it’s too busy and I will get interrupted. So I come to class for myself and then return home and get back to getting on with my life.” 

Yogafurie’s hot yoga timetable works well around a family life. Laura often tries to attend the 6:30am classes throughout the week as it’s a convenient time for her. Reporting that the 8am Saturday morning class has “revolutionised” her weekend, Laura is pleased her Saturday can start at 9am, even though she’s already managed to take time out for herself.

Laura speaking to Sinead about her experiences at Yogafurie

About the amazing commitment of 500 classes in 3 years Laura says “The impact has been that the hot yoga has totally transformed my life in terms of moving ahead. Hitting 40 is a big benchmark, it’s given me a way to manage my life better, I feel more in control of the emotional side. It’s set me up for the next part of my life.” Laura says that Yogafurie Hot Yoga is a part of her life and she hopes they never leave!

Ending the interview Laura finishes stating “It’s not a commitment, it’s a way of life”.

If you want to discover the amazing physical and mental health benefits of Yogafurie Hot Yoga for yourself, book yourself a space in one of our classes! If you’re new to Yogafurie you can try one of our introductory offers.

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