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Well done, you’ve graduated! What’s next?

Three of our graduates from recent years, who all now teach for Yogafurie, talk below about how their lives have changed as a result of their training.

It won’t be long before you’re a class-confident teacher – click the link to read more. The  first year quickly goes by. Soon you are an experienced teacher, looking for new challenges. The next steps are planning and delivering workshops, multi-class courses and retreats. These require higher levels of teaching skill, good planning and organisation, and appropriate marketing. Your time on the Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga teacher training course in Bristol will give you the teaching and business foundation you need.

What's next?

People can change in lots of ways. Your Yoga will be enriched by your knowledge, and by the increased strength and flexibility you’ll gain through practice on the course. You’ll learn all about why and how Yoga boosts wellness, and as long as you are applying your newly-gained knowledge you’ll begin to radiate good health. Lifestyle changes happen, partly because you’re making space for more practice and study, and partly because health and wellness will become important to you in a new way.

One of our teachers talks about her personal journey and how she arrived and thrived as a teacher.

You can also read about what it’s really like to transition from student to teacher on our blog.

You’ll be qualified to work, and there are lots of opportunities to teach in Bristol today. Yogafurie graduates have additional opportunities both in Britain and internationally, because they are qualified to teach Yoga and Hot Yoga. It’s recommended to spend some time teaching regularly anyway, even if it’s just with family and friends. You will develop teaching skills on the course, and it’s good to maintain and develop by teaching after the course ends.

If you decide to teach, then teaching can complement your current job. Other people find great satisfaction in ending their current career and re-launching their life as a Yoga or Hot Yoga teacher (or a bit of both is now very common). You can read about Ed (the studio owner’s) personal Yoga career journey. In just 5 years, his life transformed from bored IT designer to studio owner.

Whether it’s helping each other with assignments, constructive feedback while you learn how to teach, or just being there to talk about how the course is challenging and changing you – your fellow students will be a great support. There are lots of moments to share, and it makes the experience richer and even more fulfilling.

People agree that the friends you make on teacher training are likely to be your friends for life, because of the unique experience you share together. The group is a support network during and after training – an invaluable source of help on the days when you need to discuss teaching experiences, or when you need cover for your classes, etc. You can expect to end up sharing classes, covering for each other in periods of sickness/holidays, or running retreats with the friends you’ve made.

A previous cohort all went on holiday together at the end of the course. Several from last years’ group plan to travel to India together. Teacher training groups really do become firm friends.

Maybe! Certainly, as long as you continue to practice on your own and in classes as well as teach, you’ll definitely notice that you’re becoming more mindful. For some people, this is accompanied by a growing feeling of connectedness. Spiritual or not, it’s being authentic and in harmony with your life and feelings.

Being a teacher, and practicing a lot as a teacher, gives the scope to reflect really deeply on what’s happened in your life to bring you to this point, and how best to make the most of the future. It’s quite unique, I can’t recommend it enough! No other career seems to quite deliver such deep joy in working.

The RYS 200 Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training course will be held at the Yogafurie studio in Bristol. As well as great practice and study facilities, you can relax between sessions in our social area. Yogafurie provides Pukka teas and Extract filter coffee free on course days, and we all bring some food to share over lunch.

The Yogafurie course is quite unique, as you qualify to teach both Yoga and Hot Yoga. We also offer 230 contact hours, and a host of great guest teachers. There are many other reasons and factors to consider, and people travel for the course. Here we talk a bit about Bristol as a learning destination.

“Firstly, thank you! I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It delivered on everything I hoped for and more. I honestly feel that I have learnt much more than I could on many of the other 200 hour courses out there. I think you have great course content and I am confident to teach safely and with a variety of skills. Thank you.”


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