Lizzie D’s Life Changing Yoga Teacher Training Story

“I didn’t expect this time last year to have handed my notice in at work to pursue my dream in yoga – but here I am and who knows where this 200 hours could take you!”

I would like to start by thanking all the team for their knowledge, skills, experience and support over the Yoga Teacher Training course, and am sad it has come to an end, but excited for what the next chapter holds!

yoga teacher training course in bristol

I would encourage anyone who is even slightly interested or has a funny feeling that they just want to explore what the course might entail to get in touch with Ed and talk it through in person, you have nothing to lose. You might need to give it a bit of thought and planning rather than just thinking you can drop everything and be last minute, as it is a big commitment. You should ensure you can make all the weekends (I had to miss one for a wedding and got stuck abroad for another) so you can have exceptions but where ever possible do try and plan for the year ahead and let the team know the one you can’t make as you will be able to have 1:1 to catch up but you won’t want to miss out on the experience of being with your fellow course mates!

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You will find you become so close to the other like minded teacher trainees who make it so special. We share our own reasons to what brought us here and some to develop their own practice in more depth whereas others planned to teach from the start, it doesn’t matter where people are on their journey but it makes the experience so rich all coming from different backgrounds, cultures, bringing unique understandings to what yoga means to us and learning from one another.

Through a Whatsapp group we kept in touch and supported each other with questions and provided encouragement throughout the course tasks such as group work in presentations, and even planning to meet up to teach one another nearer the end of the course when we were preparing for our practical exam.

A picture of notebooks and coursework for yoga teacher training in bristol

I will be completely honest and say whilst I have absolutely loved the last year, it is more challenging than I had perhaps anticipated. Working full time meant I had to be very disciplined in the evenings to read the core texts, course manual and undertake my own practice. I had to plan ahead weekends and turn down lots of social events to ensure I was able to complete the monthly practice journal, presentations, discussions, open book, practical and written exam.

When you start you are provided with the timetable for when all this is due in so I would really recommend sitting down with your diary and booking in time each week to ensure you don’t leave it to the last minute, as this is something you love and want to do well at, so don’t rush it and make it feel more stressful than it needs to be!

A picture of Ed delivering a Bristol Yoga Teacher Training session

I think the team at Yogafurie are all so kind, welcoming, knowledgeable and made our teaching sessions really diverse and fun, we had a laugh, sometimes I even cried (during the Kirtan chanting!!) which was an amazing and spiritual experience.

They bring in guest speakers and experts in anatomy and physiology, mediation, Sanskrit, Bhakti yoga, to give you the broader view of the spiritual practice rather than focussing on simply Asana’s, which I have heard can often be the case in some other Yoga Teacher Training courses. This results in you feeling like a more well rounded practitioner and one who is aware of the deep historical 5000 year old practice that yoga is, as opposed to simply being a box ticking exercise in how to safely deliver a class!

A picture of a woman studying yoga on a yoga teacher training course in bristol

I hope you all enjoy the course as much as I did, and I know that you will finish it feeling like you have not only learnt a lot academically, but about yourself.

I didn’t expect this time last year to have handed my notice in at work to pursue my dream in yoga – but here I am and who knows where this 200 hours could take you! 

Join us to completely transform your life! Find more information on our Yoga Teacher Training page, and book a one to one consultation with Ed to find out if this course is the right fit for you.

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