Meet Laura Oliver -The newest member of the Yogafurie Gang

I know you’ve probably met Laura already. You’ll likely have seen Laura Oliver around Yogafurie, either teaching hot yoga or coming to class herself.

But we thought it was high time to introduce such a great addition to the Yogafurie gang. We wanted to get to know the kind of hot yoga classes she likes to teach and get her perspective on yoga.

Teacher training weekend at Yogafurie academy. July 2018. Photographer Freia Turland m:07875514528

“How would you describe the classes you teach?”

Dynamic vinyasa classes connecting breath with movement. I like to begin slowly, with time to settle into the space, adjust to the heat and focus on the breath, moving to more dynamic, fluid movement and finishing with more gentle seated work before relaxing into savasana. Emphasis is put on building strength and stability as well as suppleness and as a physiotherapy student, I can see this balance is so important in maintaining healthy bodies and minimising risk of injury.

I also have a passion for dance, and rarely practise without music, so you can expect some incorporated fluid- dance like movement alongside some beautiful tunes. I hope that you can leave feeling stronger yet lighter in body and mind.

Don’t take my word for it…come along and try for yourself!

“What’s it like to practise and teach at the studio?”

Though I have a home practise, I still enjoy practising alongside other yogis and enjoy the variety of sequencing and philosophy that other teachers weave into their classes. I started coming to Ed’s hot yoga classes for an extra challenge and because, I have to admit, I love to lay in the heat of the studio and imagine I’m somewhere a little more exotic 

I think it’s a refreshing environment Yogafurie creates where teachers practise alongside their students. One of the many beautiful things about yoga is it’s a life-long learning process and we can all learn from each other!

Two Trainees stood on one leg, holding knee to chest.

“What tips would you give people for their first hot yoga class?”

Be patient with yourself. I think that this is such an important lesson both on and off the mat. Practising in a 40 degree heated room is tough, whether you’re completely new to yoga or new to hot yoga. Even if you’re a regular practitioner, we still have days where we feel a little delicate or run down.

By tuning into to your body you can learn to find the right balance, knowing when best to challenge your edges and when to let go, relax and recover.
Try not to compare yourself to others. Yoga is not supposed to be a show or a competition. Be with your own body on your own mat, at that particular moment, on that particular day.

Take some time between finishing the class and shooting out of the Yogafurie front door-especially if it’s cold outside. Our muscles are at risk of injury when they rapidly go from being very hot to cold. So take your time and wrap up before venturing back outside.

Come with an open mind and an open heart- there are so many lovely people here at Yogafurie ready to meet you with open arms, and who knows, it could be the start of a whole new healthier, happier you!

Have you tried one of Laura’s classes yet?

You can catch one of Laura’s classes on Mon at 7:45 or Fri 6:15. A great hot yoga class taught by a great hot yoga teacher, what a nice way to start and end the week, eh?

If you'd like to learn more about Yogafurie and what we do, then get in touch

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