Meet the teachers at Yogafurie!

Meet Aaron!

Aaron trained with Yogafurie Academy to become a Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher. Often we find Yoga Teachers who’s teaching style we love, and we regularly go to their classes. And then a great teacher-student bond forms over time. However we never really get to learn about the person behind the Teacher. Well, now Yogafurie is offering a ‘Meet the Teachers’ section on our newsletter and blog! This time, meet Aaron. Below is a little more information about Aaron’s passions in life.

Aaron teaching a hot yoga class at Yogafurie

“I have three interests, olympic weightlifting, languages and yoga. Yoga goes without saying I guess but I love weightlifting for the feeling of danger and ‘stepping up’ that comes with getting under increasingly heavy weights. When I’m not being active I’ve been trying to learn spanish and french by reading in those languages (it’s also been a good excuse to read all of the Harry Potter books three times over!). I also have a three year old son who you might see me ferrying about st Andrews and Easton in a bike buggy.

Favorite film; The skin I live in
Favorite song; If you want me to stay (Sly and the Family Stone)
Favorite band; Mastodon
Favorite food; Pad thai noodles (vegan)”

Aaron teaching kneeling easy twist during a hot yoga class at Yogafurie

You’ll find Aaron teaching his flavour of Classic Furie on a Tuesday and Sunday morning, book in through our Hot Yoga Timetable and say hi!

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