Merry Christmas from Perfect Postures! Christmas Tree Pose

Christmas Tree Pose!

What better time to don Christmas jumpers, grab a bauble and find a friend / family member with whom to have a Christmas Yoga practice! So this week, we present to you, Christmas Tree Pose!

Ed and Sinead doing their version of Christmas tree pose

We love Christmas at Yogafurie!

Well we’ve always loved Christmas, even before Yogafurie was thought of. As a family we’ve made a big deal about the festive season. The whole family would get together, we’d exchange gifts, eat a huge dinner, and play games into the evening with Christmas telly on in the background. We’d of course have our own Christmas tree in the house.

We also love being in our Yoga and Hot Yoga studio, it’s so cosy in the winter. And even though we’ve put up festive decorations, including a Christmas tree, we wanted to make a Yoga one too. To pay homage to the age old practice that has given so many benefits over the years.

But of course we’re still family, so it often ends in silliness.

Ed and Sinead taking the pose not so seriously

As you can see from the picture, it’s a simple posture to practice together. Although when you’re double trouble, balance is twice as hard!

Simply stand near each other. It’s best to get a grip on your partner before lifting legs. Then take it in turns to lift your foot to the inside of your shin or thigh.

Make sure you have your baubles handy to hang off your branches!

Then it’s just a matter of waiting for the first one to lose balance. Then TIIMMBBERRRR!

Merry Christmas from the Yogafurie family!

Ed putting presents on Sinead while she tries to maintain dhanurasana aka bow pose

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