Our Brand New Hot Yoga Studio opens 11th of January!

Hi all! I’m sure I can’t have escaped your attention, our lovely shiny new hot yoga studio on Ashley Down Road, right next to the City of Bristol College! Whether you’re coming for the hot yoga, yoga or Pilates classes, we can’t wait to give you a tour of the hot yoga studio

Coffee table and reception area with cushions on floor for seating.
Opening night at Yogafurie. The new facility. The Great Yogafurie Build. September- December 2015. Photographer Freia Turland

We have so much to be grateful for

So, this weekend we are making final preparations for our grand opening on Monday and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far.

It’s been quite a journey from when we started back in 2012 and just walking round our new studio makes me feel incredibly grateful and not just a bit humble.

It is not an understatement to say that without the continued outpouring of love and support this entire venture would not have been possible.

Thank you so very much!

So, to my lovely Freia, who has not only been a whirlwind of energy and organisation and who has wholeheartedly shared and extended the vision of what could be achieved but who has also given me the greatest stable base and root chakra of all in our newly-born son Hamish – you’re quite simply an inspiration.

Hamish sitting on Ed's shoulders.
 Ed says Om, Hamish says yum as he tucks into Ed’s hair!. May 2016. Photographer Freia Turland 

To my eldest, Colm, who created our branding and identity; to my son Owen whose business support has allowed me develop and form the organisation we are today; to my daughter Sinead who has become an incredible yoga teacher in her own right and teaches me so much; and to my youngest Connor, who has had to endure his Dad being at work and who still remained enthusiastic even when distributing flyers – thank you, thank you. You all rock!

Our builders and suppliers, who delivered all of our eco-power, sustainable specifications on time – and on budget! – have been fantastic. We have together created a business that is truly as environmentally friendly as it can be, whether it’s the installation of hi-tech heat recovery systems, stacking in more insulation than you could ever imagine, putting down green electrics and the provision of eco-gas supplies it was made comparatively easy.

To my own teachers who have been with me through thick and thin and helped me continue to grow both as a practitioner and as a human being – I hope we can do you proud.

And of course last, but in no ways least, are our wonderful students who I am incredibly humbled to have seen stick with us while we have undertaken this project. You continue to inspire us to do better, to go further. Without you none of this would be happening and I hope we have now given you a place that befits your greatness and takes you onwards in your own yoga and fitness journeys.

Owen, Ed and Sinead (left to right) at the reception desk!
The Wood family team, Ed Wood ( founder and lead instructor), his son Owen who helps manage things and daughter Sinead who teaches for Yogafurie. The Great Yogafurie Build. September- December 2015. Photographer Freia Turland

Pop your head in and we’ll show you around

We cannot wait to welcome you and our new members in and show you around! FYI you can find our timetable of hot yoga classes here if you’d care to take a look https://yogafurie.com/hot-yoga-class-timetable/

See you next week!

Ed Wood

New studio with mirrors, mats and blocks on the wall.
Opening night at Yogafurie. The new facility. The Great Yogafurie Build.

Ladies Changing room sign, benches and hooks.
Opening night at Yogafurie. The new facility. The Great Yogafurie Build.

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