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Pregnancy Yoga

During pregnancy it is important to take time for yourself, so you can prepare mind and emotions for labour and motherhood.

Pregnancy Yoga classes at Yogafurie offer a welcoming, relaxed and nurturing environment to nourish and support you on your journey to becoming a mother.

Pregnancy Yoga and Mindfulness Online

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like being out and about. Did you know you can practice at home, in classes lead by an experienced Yogafurie pregnancy Yoga teacher?

YogafurieOnline is free to you for the first 10 days. Try us out! If you decide to stay, it’s £14.99 per month after that. You can cancel at any time.

It’s important to look after the whole person during pregnancy. It can be a strain on our mental health. There are lots of online resources waiting for you with YogafurieOnline – all taught by experienced and caring Yogafurie teachers.

And when you’re ready to move, stretch and exercise again, YogafurieOnline will fit around you and your new baby’s schedules to get you back on the mat, and back to being You.

Bean Stork’s Mum and Baby Soft Yoga/Movement at Yogafurie is a 5 week course on a Monday morning. (10am) Each session runs for 50 minutes.

The course is suitable for babies from 5 months to walking and is a great lead on from Bean Stork’s baby massage course.

Each session includes a mixture of stretches/movement for you and your baby. We spend half the time focussing on mum stretches and half time focusing on baby stretches. The class is very relaxed and is a great opportunity to meet other parents.

We practice a range of flexibility exercises for your baby to keep their muscles supple, their joints flexible, and to retain a good posture. Crawling is encouraged and each baby has their own individual toy bag for use in class. We incorporate singing into our baby moves which keeps it fun and interactive.

Our stretches/movement for mums are simple exercises which aim to improve posture and flexibility and give relief to aches and pains. As you lift and carry the increasing weight of your baby it is important to have good back strength and good posture. All the exercises we practice are gentle and safe postnatally.

The cost of the course at Yogafurie is £48

Bean Stork’s Developmental Baby Massage course at Yogafurie is a 5 week course suitable from birth to crawling.

Sessions run on a Monday for 50 minutes. There is a 11am session and a 12.10 session.

Each session includes a mixture, of song, sign and developmental baby massage. There is time for group chat and sometimes the opportunity for meditation and sensory play.

You will learn techniques that will help to soothe and calm your baby whilst supporting their natural development. The class is very relaxed, slow paced and perfect way to start the week.

Developmental baby massage aims to help your baby relax, it can relieve digestion issues, aid sleep, help with teething pain and much more.

During the course you will learn how to ease your babies transition to enjoyable tummy time also learning how to support your babies sitting and standing development.

The cost of the Yogafurie course is £48.

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