Relax into Spring

It’s not rare for most people to have experienced the struggle of maintaining their busy lives, exercise schedules and motivation levels over this long, dark winter. Don’t worry, the spring is finally upon us!

As the days start to become longer, the sun starts to appear and the flowers begin to grow, you may notice a change in your energy – you might start to feel more energised and alive. You are naturally tied to the world around you and as such, your energy is connected to the change of the seasons.

Yogafurie Hot Class with Lou. November 2021.

This season symbolises renewal and birth, where flowers and new life bloom. It’s the perfect time to clean out your soul, making way for new, fresh possibilities and commitments.

Now is a great time to get on the mat and commit to a healthier lifestyle! The health benefits are only the surface of what yoga can offer you – what’s a lot more valuable in this changing time is to create a centre for yourself to build upon the new energy this season has gifted you. Capture these beautiful spring vibrations by joining our online yoga classes. From upbeat and pacey classes to calming meditations and Yoga Nidras, your membership will truly allow you to make the most out of home practice, you can even take your mat outside to your garden, the park or the beach fully appreciate the spring season! Yogafurie Online works on any of your mobile, tablet or desktop devices, anywhere and anytime over the internet. Or you can join us on your Smart TV if you prefer to practice in the comfort of your own home.

Spring is all about trying new things – now’s the time to challenge yourself and shift with the seasons. New members to our online classes get 10 days for free and is just £10 a month if you have a Yogafurie monthly studio membership.

With brand new classes every week and engaging courses on the way, , you can be sure that you can keep your personal improvement journey going while keeping to your other commitments.

Interested? Check out our free online training videos for a taste of what our online yoga can do for you!

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