Seasons Greetings and Festive Givings!

This week we’re raising money for Julian Trust, a Bristol-based homeless charity

An image of a homeless person sitting on the pavement

Christmas is the season of giving. We buy presents for our loved ones, send cards to people that make a difference in our lives, and gather around to spend time with friends and family.

And sometime we forget how good we’ve got it. Access to an abundance of clean water, lots of food, clothes on our back and a roof over our heads.

This Christmas let’s give to our friends in Bristol that don’t have access to a warm cosy home this Christmas. If we can all give just a little support, we can provide a warm roof over their heads and proper meals for the festive season.

Ed and Sinead doing tree pose in Christmas outfits

Julian Trust is a registered charitable company and they are a supporter of Big Issue in the South West. Started in 1986 by a small group of concerned individuals who decided to provide an emergency Night Shelter for those who were sleeping in doorways, derelict buildings, cemeteries etc.

Located on Little Bishop Street in St Pauls, the night shelter provides a large dormitory with 18 emergency beds, a dining area, bathrooms with toilet and shower facilities. Also on premises is a kitchen, laundry, stores and offices. The night shelter is open 5 nights a week, every week and provides hot meals to homeless people and rough sleepers. On most nights they take about 80 – 100 people and overnight guests also get a breakfast first thing in the morning. When overnight guests stay, they can request a laundry service so that they have clean clothes (depending on donations).

The Julian Trust is wholly staffed, managed and financed by volunteers and voluntary donations of foods and funds.

People preparing food to hand out to the homeless

During the festive season the Night Shelter is taken over by Caring at Christmas who open the shelter for 24 hours a day for 7 to 10 days. Throughout this time seasonal food and entertainment are provided.

So if you’re in the spirit of giving, please donate when you next visit our studio. We’ll have a collection pot on our reception desk and we would appreciate any donations towards Julian Trust.

Happy Christmas to all you lovely lot!

Lots of love from Yogafurie

Ed and Sinead doing pigeon pose on either side of a Christmas tree

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