Sinead decided to become a Hot Yoga teacher… Instead of a badass Ninja Spy

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As a teen I either wanted to become a Badass Ninja Spy (like in the Playstation Game Metal Gear Solid and with fighting skills like Enter the Dragon) or a Yoga Teacher. Seriously. And to be completely honest, I wanted to be a badass spy more. These choices came about ever since I started Martial Arts in my childhood and Yoga in my teen years. As time moved on, I found that I really loved to share new Yoga sequences with my friends and to learn more about each person’s experience of Yoga. The idea to become a Hot Yoga Teacher came a little later, when I realised how much good it did for me and for others.

And it wasn’t too long ago, when I decided to bite the bullet, give up on the spy dream and take teacher training and start a new life surrounded by yoga practice and sharing it with others. Of course it wasn’t easy. It has been a journey of hard work, dedication and lots of sacrifice.

I have just recently been thinking about how much my life has changed since working in recruitment up until this point, and it turns out there’s lots of benefits to becoming a hot yoga teacher! Some quite obscure ones that I never imagined. So I thought I’d share below for anyone wondering what changes come from a career like this:

Shot of Sinead smiling in the park.

It keeps me healthy!

This job requires that I make the right decisions and get to bed a little earlier in order to give myself enough rest for my own practice and to teach others.

It helps me to keep track of my energy levels!

It’s no secret that the body has to work harder to practice in the heat, this is the same for teaching too. As a result it helps me to monitor my diet and make sure I’m eating the right things that my body needs for fuel!

A Practice Motivator

It’s beautiful to watch people develop in their own practice, to understand themselves a little more and to reap so many benefits. This is inspiring to be able to see every day, and helps keep me motivated in my own practice. Bodies can, and do, learn!

Plus I became a Yoga Teacher so I could then practice more often and delve deeper into the Yoga world. So now, a day isn’t complete if I haven’t had my time, just for me and my practice. It helps you to create this daily time for yourself.

I’ve become a hell of a lot stronger

All I have to say is, hopefully I can get even stronger still!

Sinead in 'Split Leg' Side Crow pose, photographed at Happy Lane.

No more skin problems

I had always suffered from sensitive, dry, rashy skin. Since taking up Hot Yoga as a practice, and then as a Hot Yoga Teacher, my skin constantly sweats out so much and gets new water pumped back into the system which has really helped! It turns out it doesn’t matter what cream you slather on, it’s what’s inside that counts.

Healthier social life

My social life has become much healthier in the respect that my friends come to my classes not only for support but because they know it does them good too. Then when we’re meeting in a non-yoga context, we’re making (slightly) better choices.

Sinead teaching Hot Yoga class, currently in Warrior 1 pose and smiling.

Recognise beauty more often

I don’t mean supermodel beauty. I mean when you see the same students return day after day, or week after week, you learn to really appreciate the capacity all humans have for hard-work, dedication and kindness. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and I’m glad I get to see this daily.

Clearer communication

The way I communicate is improving every day. You need to learn to get through to a room full of different people efficiently, and the language you can pick up to do this is really beneficial.

So there you have it! If you’re wondering whether to upheave your life and risk the comfort of what you’re doing now, then this is my experience of it so far. And just over a year onwards too. A lot can change very quickly! All of these positives came from sacrifice and dedication. It’s not an easy ride (hence why it’s called ‘training’) however it’s one of the most beautiful journeys I’ve taken.

To take the plunge yourself, why not check out our teacher training course? This LINK will send you to our website with lots of information for you to find out how the course works. 

P.S. I would still like to be a badass ninja spy

Sinead teaching Hot Yoga class, stood with hands at heart centre.

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