Summer Sweatfest challenge and Little Hero Charity

From John:

So I am 3 sessions in now and on track for my ‘warm up act’ target! I would have aimed for more but having had nearly 18 months away from the studio baby steps is my approach!

Lead Instructors Sinead and Ed with John from charity Little Heroes

I am glad too, session 1 was a big eye opener! Despite the recent heat wave, it is still surprising how hot the studio can feel when you first enter. Whilst I quickly acclimatized, it is fair to say my yoga (and balance) was a little rusty and I had forgotten all the little extras that make all the difference, specifically a water bottle and hand towel! So whist thoroughly enjoyable, I was definitely a wobbly and unnaturally sweaty student with envious eyes on the many water bottles surrounding me! 

After such a long time, it was really good to get back into the studio. I was a little nervous as I had not been in since Will my son had been diagnosed, so it was definitely a little emotional to return. That said, once I had gotten over my initially exhaustion and self-inflicted dehydration, I was pleased to again experience the jump in energy levels and contentment I remembered from before.

Now three sessions in and I am pleased to see how quickly the steadiness and flexibility is returning. Although whilst thoroughly entertaining to try, Aaron’s hand stands are still a little way off!

A big thank you to Ed, the teams and everyone taking part, the response has been fantastic. I am in slight awe of those averaging 4 sessions a week, intense and where do you find the time! I barely make it in to work that long! 

Yoga students practising on their backs during a popular hot yoga class at Yogafurie

We are setting up Little Hero in memory of our son Will who died earlier this year following an intense 9 month battle with an aggressive brain tumour. We are raising funds to support other families in treatment and finance research into new treatments. I am pleased to say we have already made our first grant of £30,000 into a study to determine the origins of Group 3&4 Medulloblastoma (Will’s variety). This will fund the study for 6 months and is an essential step if researchers are to created future tailored treatments. 

Please also keen an eye out for “Pop up yoga”!!! We will be running a couple of pop up and outdoor yoga events at famous Bristol landmarks over the summer. These will be announced on social media a couple of days before the event to ensure good weather with the first event planned to take place at Clifton Observatory. The cost will be only £5 with all funds going to Little hero. Keep an eye out for any announcements.

If you would like to make a donation you can here.

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