Teach Yoga with Yogafurie

Progress Your Teaching Career with Yogafurie

Becoming a Yoga Teacher is an exciting and transformative journey! And afterwards, finding your style, teaching at workshops, on Yoga Retreats, perhaps even teaching others on a Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training course are just some of the possibilities you might be looking forward to.

Soon it becomes clear that in order to progress your career as a Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher, you need to know so much more than Yoga and how to teach it.

We want to support professional growth within Yoga. We have a wonderful community of Yogis that love to learn from passionate, knowledgeable and approachable Teachers.

So we offer a variety of Teaching roles that support you in your professional and personal life.

Find out below the details about Teaching at Yogafurie.

Working for Yogafurie

We Hire You!

Almost unheard of in the Yoga industry - we hire our Teachers! This means you always have guaranteed classes for income stability.

Holiday Pay

Something that self-employed professionals miss! As an employed Yoga Teacher, you continue to receive pay when you take holiday.

Support in Your Development

Yogafurie Teachers buddy up with one another. Yoga Buddies go to each other's classes and meet up regularly to offer feedback and support with each other's teaching.

Support in Further Training

Upon fulfilling aspects of the Teacher role, Yogafurie will financially contribute towards any external Yoga course you wish to take for further training. Also, as a Yogafurie Teacher, you are entitled to 30% off any Yoga course offered by Yogafurie.

Career Opportunities

As you grow and develop your experience and knowledge, we would like to offer you room to grow professionally. Based on your level of experience, we may invite you to apply as an Instructor on our retreats, or Yogafurie Academy's Teacher Training courses.

Further Career Opportunities

We all come from diverse backgrounds, with skills and talents used outside of Yoga classes. From time to time, job opportunities within the studio come up, which you are welcome to apply for alongside your Teaching role.

Guaranteed Cover When You Need It

Have you experienced the challenges of finding the perfect cover for your classes? Are you often asked to cover classes that are inconvenient for you to help with? Within the Yogafurie Buddy system, we each promise to be on standby for covering only specific classes. You are paid for this standby each week, and only required to cover when your Buddy is on holiday or needs emergency cover for sickness. This also means, when you need it the most, you have appropriate cover there for you too.