Teacher Trainee Stories: A Charity Training Coordinator’s Story

When Lou signed up to take her Yoga Teacher Training course in Bristol with Yogafurie Academy, she was was balancing a music project and working as a Training Coordinator at a charity organising training for front line services in domestic abuse. 

Lou has kindly offered to share her story of her time on the Yoga Teacher Training course.

lou on her teacher training course
What was it about Yoga that made you want to learn more?

“I was and still am fascinated by the human body and what it does for us day in day out.”

Did you aim to teach afterwards or was this a journey to deepen your knowledge about Yoga?

“I always had the intention to teach after completing the Teacher Training, mainly because when I came to my first yoga class I was so inspired by the teacher that I came back day after day. I never imagined how life changing the practice would become for me, how many doors it would open emotionally and physically and I feel that’s something everyone deserves to experience.”

lou on her yoga teacher training course in bristol
Yogafurie Academy teacher trainees 2020. Photographer Freia Turland e:info@ftphotography.co.uk m:07875514528
How did you feel the moment that you signed up to the course?

“I felt quite nervous but very excited as I felt like I had finally found my path and could envision a future. “

How did you feel on your first day? What was the experience of your first weekend with us?

“On the first day of the course, I was overwhelmed with excitement. It felt like the first day of school but unlike school there was an immediate community atmosphere and substantially better options for lunch. 

“The first weekend was so lovely, everyone on the course was welcoming – we all had varied reasons for being there but ultimately a shared love of Yoga and an eagerness to delve deeper. The group supported each other from the moment we met right up until the end.”

Lou on her yoga teacher training course in Bristol
What is your favourite learning that you will take away with you? Do you have any new / unique areas of interest since the course?

“Discovering guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) was something I enjoyed massively and continue to practice – this has encouraged me to look into mindful trauma informed training after my 200hr. 

“At the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve become quite accustomed to sequencing fierce power flows for my classes, focussing heavily on peak postures and the anatomy supporting it. I thoroughly enjoy challenging students.”

Meditation sessions occur regularly with Yogafurie Yoga teacher Training in Bristol
What is different about your life now than when you started the course?

“Everything – I see things differently now. Before I started the course, I was unhappy. I felt like my life was at a standstill, but one of the things I had which I loved was Yoga. I found Yoga through physical practice but from there and throughout the course my view of what Yoga was and stood for expanded. Some of the reading felt daunting but Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras changed my view of Yoga from a physical practice to a world of mental growth, acceptance and empowerment.”

What was your favourite thing about the Yoga Teacher Training course with Yogafurie Academy?

“There’s too many things, I’m not sure I’d be able to pick just one but if I had to it would have to be the community. I’ve met people who have had such a positive impact on my life and I am so grateful for that.”

Lou practicing plank on her Yoga Teacher Training course in Bristol
Is there anything else you would like to offer up as a reflection on this journey?

“I don’t think anyone could have predicted the challenges we would all face over the past year and initially I was worried about how this (the pandemic) would affect the running of the course but the support we were offered was great and everyone just adapted. I’m not sure there has ever been a more appropriate time to explore the benefits of Yoga.”

Yoga practice with Yoga teacher training in Bristol

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