The Quantum of Yoga

A physical representation of plasma

Quantum physics says that matter – at the smallest level – isn’t solid. It’s clouds of energy, and it’s impossible to know for sure what it’s doing unless you measure it. When you measure it, all the possibilities it could hold (the wave function) collapse into one outcome.

I think that rings true of any situation. I can’t see the future, but I’ll give it all my best shot and see how things turn out.

This New Scientist article goes on to say, “How did our universe come to be, out of a seemingly vast number of equally likely possibilities allowed by the laws of physics?”

That’s pretty much the same thing, isn’t it? It “collapsed” into what we know when humans evolved consciousness. Once we interacted with it as if it was something other that “Me”, then it became fixed as this world. The Bible describes the advent of self-knowledge as the time when the world became harsh and hostile, and was something to be feared – when we ate from the tree of “knowledge of wrong and right”.

Hence – animals retain their innocence, and “magic” – any possibility, the “uncollapsed wave function” – is still possible in the animal kingdom. It’s no wonder that shamens have always tried to connect with animals.

Man trying to interact with a bull

We live in a pivotal time in human history. Right now, we still have a brain and body that are organically capable of both animal and human behaviour and awareness. Practices exist – many from Yoga and arcane traditions – that drop us out of human, “X is always right, Y is always wrong” judgement and back into the original optionality (and freedom) that’s true to the innate nature of the evolving animal world. Don’t forget it guided itself over billions of years to us, now. It really doesn’t need our intervention. But we feel that the future is more control, more engineering, to build a super-race that will endure forever.

But in fact that evolution will come if we instead just behave ourselves and act in a way that respects all life. Over time, our body chemistry will change. We will be the race that can live forever, because it will never destroy another life.

This is the conscious evolution:

– My conscience changes my behaviour

– My cells adapt to my changed life environment

– Generations later, all my people are born with this disposition

It’s a conscious evolution because it won’t happen without our mental effort – sustained over generations.

Earth perhaps gave her last when she created one species that could break all her bounds. She put all her love and trust into this, into us. It was unconditional, and we could kill it. I hear people say, “Oh well, we’ll die because of what we’re doing, but the Earth will live on.” But will She?

aerial photo of earth

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