Teacher Trainee Stories: A Hospitality Manager’s Story

James is a General Manager of a well known, national restaurant chain. Working in hospitality comes with plenty of challenge! Long hours, often working late into the evening, and of course, keeping a level head with all situations that can arise.

With a background in martial arts, James was drawn to the practice of Yoga. Having spoken with a good friend of his who works for Yogafurie, he discovered Yogafurie’s 200 hour Teacher Training course in Bristol.

james, general manager, taking on yogafurie's 200 hour teacher training course

“I came from a Martial Arts background, Tai Chi etc many moons ago. Once I started Yoga I found there to be many parallels. Yoga has deep rooted traditions which I like. Once I started Yoga I instantly felt the benefits both physically and mentally.”

“There is a life time of knowledge to study and tap into and I think starting the 200 hours Yoga course was the first step. Once I learn something that benefits me I like to share it.”

How did you feel when you signed up for the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training course?

“Very excited, it felt like a very positive step forward in my life. And it was a relief to be honest.”

“Then I took a hot yoga class and thought ‘what on earth have I signed
up for’! It turned out ok in the end though ;-)”

ed lead instructor assisting yoga student

How did you feel on your first day of the Yoga Teacher Training course in Bristol?

“The first day of the course I was a bit nervous, as was everyone. But once we all got talking we all loosened up and it felt very natural.”

“The first weekend was mind blowing in terms of what we learnt in those 3 days. And I felt very excited about what was coming. We all bonded very quickly.”

“My first impressions of Ed and the team were very positive. Yogafurie is a very warm and welcoming place to learn.”

What is your favourite learning from Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Bristol that you will take away with you?

“I found it all very interesting to be honest. From the very practical anatomy knowledge to the mystical traditions, Prana, Nadis and Chakras. I have come away from the course with a deep interest in breath work.”

notepad and pen, james' interest in breathwork grew on his yoga course in Bristol

Do you teach Yoga now? How do you enjoy the experience of being a Yoga Teacher?

“I do! I have a Yoga class in Keynsham near Bristol, it’s small but growing! It’s called Vivoyoga. I find the experience of teaching very rewarding. It’s great to see a person walk in a class with one frame of mind and leave with a completely different one.”

yoga teacher training course leading to teaching yoga classes, people stretching in yoga studio in Bristol

What is different about your life now than when you started the course?

Since the 200 hour Teacher Training classes, “my life is slowly shifting into a new direction. I think differently and my priorities have changed. This was happening anyway but Yoga seems to have helped it along. Yoga is definitely the right fit for me.”

yogafurie class in bristol, yoga teacher training course to help shift mindset and priorities

What was your favourite thing about the Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training course with Yogafurie Academy?

“I felt Eds teaching style was very good. Yogafurie had a great family feel to it. Having access to a Hot studio also made all the difference. There was no real pressure other than the pressure you put on yourself.”

yoga teacher training course, low pressure and access to hot yoga studio, family feel to yogafurie

Is there anything else you would like to offer up as a reflection on this journey?

“I would thoroughly recommend the 200 hour Teacher Training course to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of Yoga. But more importantly I would recommend the course to people who wish to gain greater knowledge of themselves.”

Start your own Teacher Training story here with Yogafurie Academy 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

Yogafurie’s Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training courses are inclusive, professional, engaging and very enjoyable! We welcome all who are serious about taking their Yoga to the next level. We limit the number of course attendees so that you can the attention you need and deserve.

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