The Value of Mindful Meditation for today’s busy working world

The world of work is overwhelming enough in itself. There are meetings to attend, emails to send, people to talk to, presentations to give – it seems never-ending. Coupled with the additional tasks at home, it’s understandable if you feel stressed or anxious from this busy working world. In fact, over 14.7% of working adults. experience mental health problems during their time in the workplace.It might be cliché to suggest, but there’s a reason why practising mindful meditation is a highly recommended help towards improving your health and allowing you to work on what’s really important.One of the great benefits of mindfulness as a practice is that it can be integrated smoothly into your life – in between those small moments – and can be combined with other practises such as yoga or meditation. Its reputation can make it seem difficult but it doesn’t have to be – your path to mindful meditation is entirely your own. Any time you place into mindfulness will show results for your health.Other benefits of mindful meditation can include:

  • Reduce your stress
  • Enhance performance
  • Gaining personal insight
  • Physical health benefits
Dreamtime with Ella at Yogafurie. February 2022.

It’s all well and good saying the benefits of mindful meditation but how can you do it? Here is a task that can help you start your mindfulness journey:

  1. Find a position that you find comfortable and focus on the sensation of your breath as you inhale and exhale, all while allowing your thoughts to flow naturally and without judgement.
  2. Once you’ve found your concentration, widen your focus to include the sensation of your emotions, sounds and ideas.
  3. Embrace everything that comes your way. Come to accept the person you are and are becoming. The workplace is behind you, the moment is entirely about you and your breathing. Return to the focus of your breathing and then repeat the process until you feel grounded from your stress.

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