Warm up this winter with Hot Yoga

As Autumn waves goodbye to us, the days grow dark and we put on more layers, we can easily slip into a habit of hibernation. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact even though Christmas and New Year season keeps us very busy, we naturally should be slowing down with the seasons.

A group of professional sportsmen using Yogafurie's hot yoga to prepare for the season ahead

Often in this festive season we are encouraged to overeat, overdrink and overspend! All of this, whilst lovely to enjoy ourselves, is exhausting for the body and unhealthy for our mental wellbeing.

Here is how a Hot Yoga practice in the winter months can help us to nurture ourselves and find balance in such a busy time.

It’s warm!

A hot yoga class at Yogafurie where you can expect to get hot enough to sweat

It’s cold outside! In fact, it gets cold inside too and we start to crave the summer days. When we step into a heated room we are instantly comforted and can warm back up!

Keep your joints supple

Our joints can start to stiffen up in the harsh weather, restricting movement or even making simple exercises quite sore. Hot Yoga especially works to open up around the joints and bring back the flexibility and ease of movement we all can enjoy. Keep that stiffness at bay!

Balance the binge

Let’s face it, who doesn’t binge over this season? Whether it’s lots of cakes and chocolates at the office, or big meals with Christmassy snacks in between, or lots of evenings of celebration, we all can feel the effects. Hot Yoga can help us to find balance and sweat out lots of the bad stuff.

Practice benefits our choices surrounding our health

Making a healthy choice with fruit

Not only does it help to rebalance any moments of overindulgence, regular practice helps us to view our health differently, and make healthier decisions.

Stay happy! No winter blues

Yoga and Hot Yoga bring about positivity and happiness in our well-being. The dark winter months cast their shadow on us very easily, leaving us feeling gloomy and lethargic. Beat the blues and enjoy how Yoga practice can instantly change your mood!

Beat the bugs!

Regular practice of Hot Yoga and Yoga helps to strengthen our immune systems, fighting off unwelcome bugs and illnesses.

Colds and flus are common during the winter and you'll find yourself needing hot drinks and tissues if you catch one

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