Warming to the idea of change as a teacher

As a teacher, I love concluding a class knowing that I really reached the students. Some kind of magic happened, and there’s a palpable feeling in the air – the things that were said, the things they did, it all landed. They feel great, and so do I. It doesn’t happen every time! So, it’s special when it does.

Sinead leading a group of students in a Yogafurie hot yoga class

Yoga teachers reading this will know that same, special feeling. In a way, it’s a call to action: to go outside our teaching comfort zones and reach new groups with different needs and wants. I say that because it’s wonderful to work with the people and methods we already connect with. It’s great then to reach out and extend that connection to new methods and groups whenever we can.

Many Hatha and Vinyasa teachers will never have taught in heat. Often, they have very valid reasons – usually, an unpleasant experience in a studio that perhaps didn’t embody the values of Yoga. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that – all studios are not the same. There are studios that live the tradition with authenticity and use heat. And they have buzzing communities of engaged students, who all share the teacher’s love of Yoga.

Yogafurie hot class where people are practicing traditional yoga postures

Are you “warming” to the idea of extending your qualifications, and cross training as a Hot Yoga teacher? Let’s look at what that might mean.

There really is a huge community of Hot Yoga practitioners worldwide. Bristol – as always – has fired right up and represents for the UK as a top destination for practice. There are new people to connect with – teachers and students – and new communities to be part of. These are all regular people, who have the same challenges as everyone else, so there are great new friendships to be made.

Community at Yogafurie

Of course, Bristol represents for regular Yoga in a big way too. As a teacher, it can be hard to differentiate yourself from the crowd. It’s challenging for great teachers to stand out amongst so many other good teachers. Shifting gears entirely, taking a leap onto the Hot Yoga scene… that makes a dramatic statement. Hot studios often pay more for teaching as well. None of us teach for the money, right? But it’s always be nice when our work is recognised. Given the scale of the Hot Yoga community we’re joining, the rewards are really much more than money.

Heat actually makes a marked difference to practice. It’s much more than just stretching a bit further when we’re warm. There is a depth of practice and an experience of breath that is unique to the environment. Once experienced and cultivated, it becomes available at room temperature as well. Students come to Hot Yoga because it works, and we now understand the physiology of why it works much better.

Yogafurie teacher trainee studying on their course

As teachers, we often take courses to develop our knowledge and practice, and it’s time that the learning around Hot Yoga became public. We all know that the detox claims are, at best, overstated – and at worst, nonsense. So, some real science needs to be shared, within the caring environment of studios that care about the authentic and traditional values of Yoga. This will enable the great teachers we already have to step forward into chapter of their careers, enriching the world of Yoga and Hot Yoga for the benefit of all.

Aaron teaching a Yogafurie hot yoga class

Yogafurie’s Teacher Training Academy is launching a conversion course for teachers. You’ll gain all the additional skills you need to teach safe and engaging classes in warmth. The course runs 20-22 March 2020 and will earn you 25 hours towards your CPD points. The cost is just £499, with a 10% discount for early full payment. You can read more about the course on our website, or simply drop us an email for further information.

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