What did the Gloucester Cricket team really think of their training with Yogafurie?

As part of a busy pre-season training schedule, the Gloucestershire Cricket team joined forces with Yogafurie Hot Yoga. The team have been practicing hot yoga in 35-42 degree heat, working on flexibility, balance, strength and control with the instruction and help of Lead Instructor Ed Wood.

Lead Instructor Ed explains concept to professional cricketers in hot yoga training session at Yogafurie

We caught up with Ed who described what the team have accomplished in the sessions.Ed said “We worked on fascial anatomical structures as defined by Tom Myers. An example of what we’ve worked on are the functional lines, which give power to contra-lateral movements, throwing or batting a ball for example.

Cricketer batting a ball low down

We’ve also looked at is the superficial back line which is a key component of upright posture and decelerates the body after the athletes throw themselves in to a movement. And we’ve looked at the superficial front line which is another key component of upright posture, core support and power.It’s been great working with professional athletes. They put everything into their training and we’re so pleased they have moved up a division, they deserve it!”

Determined cricketers use a strap to carry out a hamstring stretch

And what did the athletes think of the training?

“Ed’s hot yoga has been great. It is a proper test of your strength and flexibility, and as a result has meant we’ve seen big improvements over the last few weeks as a squad. I would highly recommend to any sportsmen or athletes of any level looking to better their game.” George Scott

“Yogafurie is such a special place. It benefits us in all parts of cricket, from physical movements to pushing our mental barriers. Its been really fun, but also very beneficial to me and I’ll recommend it to anyone. Thanks to Ed and the Yogafurie team for putting up with us, and making us better.” Graeme van Buuren

“High quality instructing, with a great range of classes. The blend of physical and spiritual practice was amazing. Great for all different kinds of abilities!” Harry Hankins

Cricketers carry out a side plank pose as part of their training at Yogafurie

“A big thanks to Ed and his team at yogafurie, it was an enjoyable but very challenging 6 weeks, made easier by having an extremely experienced teacher in Ed. The work we’ve done will no doubt be beneficial during a long county season!” Matt Taylor

“Once again Yogafurie and Ed have delivered a fabulous series of sessions with the squad. His coaching language and depth of expertise in the field is always so interesting to me. As for the sessions, they develop so much more than the physical qualities that the practice evokes. The heat is so oppressive and Ed just dangles us over the knife-edge of exhaustion for 90 long minutes. Priceless. Thanks Ed.” Bob Smith

Gloucestershire Cricket Team photo with Yogafurie Lead Instructor Ed

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