What does Lisa think of her Yoga & Hot Yoga Teacher Training course with Yogafurie?

I couldn’t rate my experience so far on the teacher training course more highly. I applied for the course because I wanted to take my understanding and practice of Yoga to another level. Having tried out various classes over the years and seen the benefits of it for me both physically and mentally, there seemed to be so much to it and I really wanted to learn more. The prospect of being able to teach, when Yoga has provided me with so much, seemed like an incredible opportunity.

Within minutes of starting the course I knew I had made the right decision.

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I was suddenly surrounded by a bunch of like-minded friendly people from all walks of life but with the same common passion for Yoga for all sorts of different reasons. By the second weekend I felt like I had known my course mates for years! Everyone was naturally nervous for our first go at teaching the rest of the group but we soon learned there was really no need to be – we are all in it together and the support of the group is always palpable.

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l have found the learning so far incredibly interesting. We have had a wide range of informative guest speakers and the weekends are always varied with a nice balance of physical work and theory. We have learned so much about the principles and philosophy of Yoga and I have loved the time we have spent doing breath work and meditation.

If you are thinking about starting the course but feel a little bit worried that you may struggle to make the commitment, or get back into the mindset of studying again I genuinely believe this should not be a concern. The pace and layout of the course is such that I haven’t felt overwhelmed and I feel like the gap between each course weekend allows time to absorb the information and complement it with the course reading material. I personally feel suited to this style of learning and could not learn so well in a more intensified structure.

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No doubt some parts of this course are a learning curve but this has definitely been a good thing and a necessary part of learning something new. Ed and Sinead are as approachable as you can get and provide great support for the group, always on hand during and between course weekends to answer questions, offer help with any difficulties and provide a general wealth of information and advice. I couldn’t ask for more enthusiastic, helpful and encouraging course leaders!

The course has definitely improved my practice and indeed my commitment to the practice. I worry less about not being able to achieve certain postures as I know that’s not what it’s all about. For me it has really opened my eyes to what Yoga actually is. Often, I will leave one of our teaching sessions with a genuine feeling of privilege that I have been allowed further insight into this ancient tradition.

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Lisa is currently studying Yoga & Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Yogafurie Academy in the year of 2020. Find out more information by following the links, or get in touch to discuss the course further.

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