What Happens Next? Reflections After A Teacher Training

It’s one thing making the decision to commit to starting a Yoga Teacher Training, and a huge achievement when you complete it. But what happens after that?

In an ongoing series of interviews, we’ll be speaking to the students after their graduation. We launch with Ella Tallack.

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As a teacher, are there any specific gems of wisdom that come back to you from the Yoga Teacher Training?

Let go of the outcome. Relinquishing attachment from outcome does not equal apathy or lack of achievement. Practice in the Now, from a place of love. Progress then becomes a beneficial by-product as opposed to a desperate purpose.  In turn, this renders the idea of failure a myth and consequently leaves freedom in its place. 

Outcome-based action is conditional. That is to say, inherently flawed. Now-based action is a gem, it seeks no attention and needs no grand motivation. Now-based action is whole and complete. And as it happens, fortuitously more fruitful.

Yoga Teacher Trainees Discuss Yoga Philosophy

What would your advice to someone who’s just about to start their teacher training journey be?

It likely won’t be easy for you to step out of your own way, but you must. Do not run away with that inner-voice who may proclaim you are an imposter. You are not masquerading in a life that belongs to someone else, you are new.  Do not confuse your inexperience with inadequacy.  Worthy is never a question you need ask. Proceed with love and trust. Stay present. 

Ella enjoys a pose in a yoga class in bristol

Since graduating, what’s been the biggest thing you’ve learnt as a teacher? 

Teaching yoga has been revealing in so many ways.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, all of it.  But one important thing I’ve learnt, is to just start.  I could’ve trained for several more years, yet still not felt entirely ready to teach “for real”.  The truth is, if you really want to learn something – try teaching it. 

My practice and thirst for knowledge have grown exponentially since yoga became my job.   I’m aware that everything yoga has to offer won’t be known in one life time.   It is exciting to me that there are endless spheres of nuance and essentially no limits.  It’s also exciting to me, that for all of yoga’s optional complexity, actually, it’s pretty simple. 

Yoga Students Practice A back bend In Bristol

Compared to your first day on the YTT to now that you’re teaching regularly, how, if at all, has your idea of what it means to be a yoga teacher, changed?

Part of my fear about starting the course was the word ‘teacher’. It implies you know it all. Which, as I’ve acknowledged, I don’t think is even possible. Moreover, I certainly couldn’t ‘know it all’ about your body and all other bodies in the room. 

So, I like to think of myself as a guide, facilitating safe, unique exploration of unique bodies. Meanwhile, reminding minds to honour bodily limitations and let go of toxic comparison.  In the past, to me, being a teacher meant being perfect. Now, it’s about demonstrating how I work to overcome difficulties and challenges.   

Hot Yoga Students practice Sphynx Pose in Bristol

What’s your favourite thing about teaching yoga?

That by walking deep inside of myself, I can be of valuable service to others. 

How has your life changed since graduating?

I do not make peace with my limiting beliefs anymore. YTT demonstrated that, piece by piece, I can dismantle unhelpful thought patterns. Fragments that can then be used for conscious, continual growth.  I have learnt its far better to stare my fears in the face,
in the floodlit forefront of my awareness, than to let those fears fester in the dark, deserted depths of my mind.  I have redefined failure and it has changed my life.

Now Ella teaches classes at Yogafurie after her yoga teacher training course

Knowing what you know now, if you went back to the YTT, would you approach it any differently?

I thought about not answering this question at all because my answer is simply, no. 

That answer felt thoroughly unhelpful to a prospective reader though.  But maybe it is helpful to you, to know that I would not change anything. 

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