What is the Difference Between Hot Yoga and Yoga?

What’s the benefits of hot yoga?

There is a lot of misinformation about Hot Yoga. As a Hot Yoga studio owner and practitioner for 15 years, I’d like to dispel myths and relate the key benefits:

  1. You’ll learn to breathe much more quickly and effectively than room-temperature
  2. Your body will get closer to its true movement potential than room-temperature Subconsciously, it will remember this.

Yogafurie enjoys a reputation for great Yoga teachers and great Yoga classes. Dedicated Yogis seem to find us. One of the most common things experienced Yogis tell me is: “I thought I’d learned to breathe at my traditional Yoga class. But it was just my fitness carrying me through my Yoga. Here, I’ve actually learned to breathe to support my practice.”

Yogafurie’s environment blends traditional Yoga practice with heat and crucially, the right level of humidity. People learn to breathe fully and in a more relaxed way. The long term effects of better breathing are profound – both for Yoga practice and for health and vitality. You won’t find that environment anywhere else in Bristol, or indeed the South West.

Of course, specific breathing exercises (pranayama) are important as a stand-alone practice. Come to Yogafurie’s pranayama (breathing exercises) class on Tuesdays at 7:45PM to focus on breath. But just practising our Hot Yoga classes will likely have a lasting beneficial effect on the quality, depth and rate of your breathing.


Here’s the anatomy bit. All our muscles and joints are wrapped in tissue called fascia. Fascia is part liquid (so always drink plenty of water). Our body’s living, intelligent liquid is thixotropic (th-ix-o-trop-ic). That means, it flows betterwhen it’s warm. You move more easily when you are warm. Stretching in some respects is a myth: an adult muscle isn’t really going to get any longer. Your body knows that, and the more you try to stretch that muscle in cold rooms, the more it guards the muscle. You’re getting tighter if anything! Yogafurie’s correct use of heat, coupled with our excellent instruction, provide a safe environment for your body to express more of its true movement ability. The body learns that it’s safe to let go a little, it learns that you’re taking care of it by using the right environment.

Hot Yoga (asana) can be an intense workout. Care is always needed and our teachers will be helping you every step of the way… of course, care is needed in any movement practice. And not all our classes are physically demanding: we offer a range of Hot Yoga classes, from the meditative and relaxing through to the pacey and challenging that get your heart rate going.

Students practising hot yoga in Bristol  

Other than that, is there any difference between Yoga and Hot yoga?


Let me say that again… there’s no difference between Hot Yoga and room-temperature Yoga. The Yoga poses are somewhat magic and work in different settings, whether or not your heart rate is elevated.

But the effects are very different if you practise with Yogafurie in Bristol. I guess you could say that Yogafurie is the difference.

What can you expect from a Yogafurie class?

  • Excellent teaching and we really are a team. We really do take time to work together and share knowledge.
  • The air in the studio is kept at 45% humidity, 42 degrees and changed 50 times per hour – that’s as often as an operating theatre! It’s perfect for your skin to breathe and you practise in fresh, warm air.
  • The floor is mopped after every The whole studio is clean. Even the equipment is regularly sterilised.
  • We don’t keep the profits.  The money you spend is used to plant trees, in Bristol.

Misinformation and fake news

Here’s a selection of the nonsense that people say about Hot Yoga – especially the ones who don’t teach it, practise it or trend Hot Yoga classes, but want to give an opinion anyway:
Hot Yoga detoxes the body:


Your body will detox itself if you take care of it. Yoga’s stretching and compression movements will help. This would be true for a regular Yoga practice also.

Special fixed sequences address your injuries through heat:

Also nonsense.

Yoga’s movements can free stuck tissues and build supportive strength where it’s lacking. This will usually improve injury issues – but you have to keep up practice. You have to do a practice you like. Some people like fixed sequences, some people don’t. Yogafurie in Bristol offers 7 class styles: one of these is a fixed sequence based on the same Ghosh ideas that inspired Bikram Yoga. The other six are creative; something different every time.

But there is more..

A recent article in The Times described a study relating to depression. It concluded that Hot Yoga is a very effective treatment path for depression. In fact, this is another benefit that many of our regular students describe. Hot Yoga practice at Yogafurie in Bristol has helped them manage their mental health more effectively than pretty much any other treatment they have so far received.

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